Bamboo flute yo love the desert

Tour cloud patches, Shudan idle.  Night, opened the curtain deep.Moonlight, intertwined with clouds.  Spring Night, Smart from the watery world of thoughts.A “blame Willow”, long bamboo flute blowing Cypriot side is not just the vast desert breeze, the moonlight, also blowing a southern woman’s mind.  Exposure to the southern misty rain in March grass sprout season, I was dressed in light blue skirt filament, Du Yi window, quietly listening to “complain willow”, between the heart and between the taste of the smoke that long straight desert the lingering; makes a feeling of smoke that straight desert rain thoughts; imagination could not help a myriad of thoughts.In the moonlight can not help, write a song a quiet, warm and romantic heart.Desert, it bears a long history of deep thick, I do not know how many men of letters have been filled with exquisite poems!  At the moment, think about a people living in the vast sand sea in the sunset twilight, the guidelines have had in the desert along the ancient legend of the desert in search of poetry, a step toward the endless horizon go away.Although a child growing up in the south, but they have been to many places.I had a taste of the water of the Yellow River Pentium uninhibited, also witnessed the Wrangler and sing melodious Camel.  Been longing picturesque wind clouds as snow moon-like ethereal mood bamboo flute Smoke in the desert, so that a “blame Willow” euphemism touching as the moonlight plaintive song in the ears, mind hovering between resonate together, and the soul.  Whenever vaguely saw in a dream setting sun, sand, snow, Populus, bamboo flute and Smoke, as if the desert saw a lithe, the dough will be like warmth immediately Dangqi swing as high agitation in the mind an emotional yearning and longing will be just like the plug on the wings, with the illusion kept flying in a dream.I, a daughter of the south, although deeply loved the southern hometown of the great man giving birth to a beautiful hibiscus Xiaoxiang, but more appreciation and fascinated the ancient civilization of the vicissitudes of the Western desert, they are always on my mind a distant direction.    Perhaps it is because from an early age read the San Mao’s Travels “Sahara desert it” and caused a subtle role, perhaps influenced by Jin Yong novel “Eagle Shooting Heroes”, I am, whether it is a delicate and exquisite appearance or temperament are Johnson weak southern woman, yearning over the years turned out to be infinitely TV drama Smoke in the desert and lengthy bamboo flute.Heart, there is always a nagging desire, I want to pursue his shadow.  Thus, the dream to find him, in the foothills of the Helan, watch last night’s lingering thoughts of the west wind was cut; look for him, beyond the Great Wall in the north, when the moon was also worried about any of Qin bend thin; look for him in the desert border, the river sunset is missing disseminated; look for him, Inn at the time, but hopefully enlightened eager to see his mood, but again and again to be unforgiving stretch of reincarnation.    Since mid-1887, published German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen’s “China” for the first time put forward the “Silk Road”, then another Western scholars of the ancient Silk Herman published between “China and Syria Road “, once again strengthen this concept, to Sven Hedin” after the Silk Road “was published, over a period of time, the magic of the geographical location in the Western China, as well as great cultural and historical expedition deposition, this land shape It has become a paradise for adventurers.  ”Desert”, “Silk Road” and “Western” Several terms are also fascinated me.But because of vulgar things, want to go to the Western desert has neither the desire to achieve.  Until last summer, Xian Ming Gege and several of his friends plus I finally have time car with two off-road vehicles from the ancient city of Xi’an, to the Western desert was once the ancient Silk Road Adventure.  We want to go all the way west adventure silk old course, driving line is: Xi’an – Pingliang – Lanzhou – Wuwei – Zhangye – Jiayuguan – Dunhuang – Hami – Turpan.    That trip, long road, long journey, like a replay of life, long bamboo flute sound as if always lingering in the ear.Panoramic view of scenery along the way, there is a heavy history and culture, there are strange Mingsha and Crescent Lake, there Taibai June snow, snow lotus has a shrine on the Tianshan Mountains, the ancient Yellow River water tankers on, Turpan in sweet grapes, there is a beautiful girl of Osaka city, there are thousands of years old Camel swaying, and had a seat new city.But the beauty of the way, I love to enjoy the desert scenery or that.  I remember that day, when the car travels to the desert in a poplar time, it is in the evening.  I begged Ming Gege on erection of tents in the desert next to the soul of poplar rest of life, because the desert has always been considered is the need to stop before they can go to read, especially when the sun shines on the ground, showing a golden yellow, the kind of desolate beauty of the desert, I will make a child growing up in the South was stunned.He willingly agreed.    That day, as if back to ancient times.  Our car parked in the poplar in; our heart and soul stopped at the golden sunset, parked in the desert straight in smoke.Sunset in the vast expanse of desert fall, the desert sand pole, camel thorn, splendens is so long exhibition of wind posture, graceful manner surging Green Wave.Looking to the distant Gushan, flickering stars, more and more concentrated black night, my mind and soul also in this lonely dark desert with smoke float.  Eyes, seemed to emerge out of a mirage-like pieces of ancient art scene: “fold slender willow, always focussed on hold this person.A mention expensive, pity is the hometown of spring.That late King Yoshihisa, less new Fangfei.More worry off the battlefield, coming off the edge of the old dust.”[Ling” discount willow “]” Kui House isolated city sunset ramp, according to the Big Dipper Wangjing China each.”[Du Fu ‘s”] “remote-known that the Chinese Xiao Guan, the edge sunset isolate them Worry.”[Wang Wei” send Wei commentary matter “] Gushan distant, as if a few flames kindled; ear, also sounded like a return to bursts of Gujiao, horseshoe and cries, as the wanton cold, raised a sky full of sand, black beacon Dangqi.Flames lit up the desert, thunderous drums, flags fluttering in the air mixed with the smell of blood, filled the air with, thick, salty.  After burning flames, smoke cleared, the flag residual half of the volume, bone cold piles, bamboo flute and that accompanied Resentment desert winds, Ruqirusu tragic desolation.”Resentment Willow” is a bamboo flute was played Resentment lingering under the moonlight, gentle and delicate, picturesque, let me in innumerable twists and turns melancholy melancholy occasion, fantasy in solitude, in the dim fantasy, shaking like a curtain quiet dream, with something I love deeply, misty rain misty dream, drunk look Populus Yela flying to heaven on earth.  ”Smoke in the desert straight river down the yen.”This is a Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei wrote the famous through the ages.Today, populations though gone, but Beacon still, still charming scenery beyond the Great Wall.In the earth between the ups and downs along the way, there have been a lot of laughter, joy, sadness or moved.In the eyes of condensation Danyue’s shadow, thin dense life story, also wish that the dust whipped up and down, all over the Siyi every corner, unable to play loose, free of dust floating camel.  Well-dip Yin soot years, know the world is too much frustration and helplessness, the true state of life is floating, but also understand asakumo smoke Muyu years, the moon when Qin already bleak; that Chang pink Li Bai also litter; I do not know how many Resentment spirit, armored cavalry and guam towel already sink like a stone, ashes to ashes.Earthly I think a lot of things have been seen very indifferent.  But when our car passed Pass, your mood or the heaviest.Because life is still considered the most tragic sense of who is in Yang Guan, or the Yumen Pass.    Yumen Pass and Yang Guan Dunhuang are in the west, north and south lanes of the Silk Road and is due to this.Since the Han Dynasty established this road, it is not only the starting point of north and south two points, but also business travelers and goods between the distribution center, so a little far Yumen Pass and Yang Guan became briefly controlled north and south two of the throat; also because the cultural crossroads of East and West this, they became later the spread and influence of Buddhism relay station, and therefore only logical to have later Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.    ”The flames of hope day mountaineering, cross the river near dusk horses.Pedestrian Diaodou dark sand, Princess lute Resentment and more.Wild cloud cloudless castles, rain and snow have even desert.Hu Yan whine every night flying, both Hu child tears off.Wen said Yumen still be cover, life should be by light rail vehicles.Bone buried in mid-war shortage of outside air into the house of Han see SYZYGIUM.”[Li Qi” ancient army line “] Way back in those days when the wind blows the war, many soldiers travel thousands of miles, to the place was so empty silence, hanging in the heart that children never no rest, suffering daily hunger, fatigue and possibly disease killed torment, no one is with, no one can complain, life is not security, not to mention family?  Today, the Pass has been broken into a wall walls.Du Wu Xi chase, so much Huhan Jun soldiers, so much loss of life, actually only to “one will get off the ground” for the militaristic rulers always want to launch the Iraq war in the door.  Hostilities door door that is evil, therefore, from the Southern and Northern Dynasties to Tang Dynasty and even now, these two off the city became the Chinese people are very familiar with the absolute domain sorrows and desolate beyond the Great Wall of mother earth.  ”West of Yang Guan reason people”, “spring is not degree Pass” and other words, often think of the idea, stressing each syllable, is one sad timid chills.  I do not know how many, such as Yue Fei had “overcome the lack of Helan Mountain” or lofty thoughts or desolate desert along dirt piled in!Three bones, two crashed out, either you a ray of bamboo flute complain willow, even if the shot over the railings, the first white rot scratch, sky and shouts, but still left it “Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao, a warrior to Come not thing of the past “empty worry.    Numerous the seasons, travels to the westerly trail, suddenly look back, Attachment Ying dream of Smoke in the desert, uh, still in a dream of fantasy, in that vast frontier of relaxed and long days in bloom.Desert, desert my dream is you, let me forget the chaos of the Red.Every time you dream figure, like all makes me feel good to linger in paradise, let me refer to soft fluttering gently tapping the keyboard on the occasion, his thoughts are also leap over the great lakes to talk to you a thousand words, tell you I miss and miss, with you and understanding mood and feeling of a mountain stream.  Desert, I wish you every moment of the dream, I heard the voice of stroking soft finger, let the breeze moon floating in the air, follow your brow furrowed, so I would mundane mundane bearish children affair, so when I look back Room only see your loving eyes, accompanied by my heartache and sorrow and grief, how much pain are past any smoke in the desert with the plaintive whimper eat only bamboo flute flying mood, make a gentle music with you hand in hand, so elegant joyous mood with you tell the marshes, his life will never change.  Desert, let me read you quietly exhibition Yen Yung, being in your shadow quietly chasing your dream, quietly pondering your smile; let your mind the wind and dance, gradually drift into the memory of the sea , listening to lingering quiet night; please let me Haowan that spring evening light pull of the moon, so that my soul, always staying nostalgia you ever green mountains and clean and now sunsets in Smoke.So Pro screen tapping fingers, quietly and took to talk with because of missing the apex of the faint light melancholy and sad.Desert, high mountains let your feelings, send me a lingering misty dream, I send a clear and elegant mood!Let the faint moonlight pouring down quietly, quietly drunk in this quiet night; and let the cool wind and enjoy the melodious flute, bamboo flute Inner Voices listening to your own life and the afterlife are willing to transform himself into a desert Populus dream.  Xun had heard strange, lonely, sad sad, touching play.Perhaps because it is dirt, flame firing from it, always within the sound of his mouth Xun nether earth, flame Perishable – as if the ashes lingering warmth in general to recall, although you can blow plaintive whimper tunes , but in the end can not be the same as the bamboo flute can blow cold moonlight plug vast desert over there, desolately cool tone, range and context.”This smelled Nocturne Willow, who can not afford to love hometown!”[Li Bai” Spring Night Los Angeles Wen flute “]” launched not catch whip, fold willow leaves.Tread base flute, worry kill children Strider.”[Northern and Southern folk Dynasty” cross blowing Qu * Fold Willow Songs “]” Yellow River far between on the clouds, an isolated city climbed mountains.Why bamboo flute complain willow, spring is not degree Pass.”[The Audio” Liangzhou word “]” Willow flute in smell, spring never see.”[Li Bai” under Serbian song “] if there is no bamboo flute that a musical instrument, and that the Northern and Southern folk songs and poetry and do not know it will be a bit less?    Flying with emotion after the youth and spring rains Siyi solidification, pick up and put down, is a piece of golden Populus leaves; pick it up and not let go, I smoke on the straight that vast desert infinite yearning and longing.Eyes, so enjoy your vigorous figure in the; soul, so confused with the smoke straight in the desert; thoughts, so in a dream with wanton exile; lust, so in between elegant enjoy rippling!  Accompanied by the bridges in front of the southern house, accompanied by the lingering Rose whisper, accompanied by a little bit of heart lotus, dream, feeling the winds of the desert, listening to the depths of the desert that the ancient bamboo flute floated leisurely playing with resentment is a plaintive “complain willow”; see the coldest pure, Guan Shan sadness, worry not the lute dance; see how the Magic Cup grape wine twinkling light in the wide expanse of cold January night.  I, a Southern woman, willing to smoke in the desert straight long drunken wake, forever and ever.