Uber unmanned car gave the driver a video released fairy difficult to hide "ghost probe" | Uber

  Sina Wall Street FRANCISCO 22, Reuters said Arizona state police on Wednesday announced the Uber an autopilot fatal collision between a car and a pedestrian video, local time the accident occurred Sunday night in a the world's first known autonomous vehicles caused fatal pedestrian accident。   The vehicle was driving recorder captured the video display when the car is driving on a dark street, the lights turn on, a female pedestrian suddenly appeared in front of the front of his bicycle, the test vehicle was too late to make any response to hit up。   After the accident, Uber has announced the suspension of all North American auto pilot test project, the US Federal safety regulators are investigating this accident。   According to Reuters released video shot inside the car, then Uber test car has an operator sitting in the driver's seat, the camera caught him a look of horror at the moment of the accident the way。 But the video display, this operator has been looking at low upside down in five seconds before the accident, and his responsibility is to take over the driving in the event of an emergency。
  Uber said: "This video is disturbing and heartbreaking, our thoughts are still accompanied by Elaine loved ones。
Our vehicles are still suspended, we are doing our best to assist local, state and federal authorities。
"After the accident, the US authorities are likely to play a key role in this video on the investigation Uber automatic driving vehicle technology and whether it is ready to investigate for testing on public roads,。
  Earlier Arizona police have said a preliminary investigation showed that the accident may not be the responsibility of Uber party, in the circumstances, whether it is someone or unmanned, are very difficult to avoid accidents。

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