Chen Zhihong: Never mind, just a temporary lost

In very early, I always worry, worry about yourself, the people around will be worried.Worry that they are wrong to worry about, worry about the people around them will also be afraid of detours.Now, a lot of things are put down.And they all grow up.  But also to the back I realized that as long as the general direction right, all right, and it will only be temporary lost it.    Friends said he did not know how recently, and do not want to do things, feeling a little confused.Is there any way to make him want to do things.I said, all right friends.A few days you will be well.If I am sure there will be many, many recommendations in the past.  His Taobao done well, do not want to have time to do things, and certainly everyone will have.So for him, it’s all right.    More grown up more found a lot of things, in fact, go with the flow is the best.  Another point, but I believe great direction, but I believe the larger environment.The general direction of the environment is no problem, nothing else.    Before long, I was worried about my brother would help him think a lot of the road, good planning will help him.In the end there is no use of it.a little bit.But more often he does not listen to me.In the back, he is very tired, very tired and I.  It was only after a long time, I know the truth.That is, their growth is the greatest help to others.    Why their growth is the greatest help to others.It is like this is influenced by.That is, before old said he did not listen, and now we do.As long as we do so rewarding, so I do not have to say, he will learn to do.  Another point is that we actually he still too weak.If we grow up, you can help him more, regardless of the substance or other.Because we are still very weak when the time to help him is very limited, so to strive to grow their own.    I used to always think, poor family out of Takako, because of the suffering of a child, behind only become strong.  Because in our village, people can really see a lot of people are self-made.  But gradually, I was to see a man up, will lead a large group of people together.    In our village, basically a very powerful person, and if there is careful management of their children.Then to their grandchildren when they are already very powerful.And the whole family is very powerful, everyone will be very good.  And when the grandchildren do not need how the business.Because it looks like the whole environment is.  So, this is what others say, from 0-1 is difficult, and the rest is very simple.    Sometimes we see a lot of people like to play cards, but in the village, a lot of people playing cards just to play with his little family man.Why would something like this, because then no matter how how to win or lose, or transfer money in your own circles.  But if there is no circle like this, everything will be very difficult.  With just a circle like this, even though we often go outside to play, and quickly win their hearts.    Fuzhou, a friend, a girl, is really very boring before, each time after work just want to see the kind of drama.And then later said it must be done Taobao.Then I helped him do a few Taobao.Back then, she never boring.  She did not Taobao up.But she had one of their own local, as the circle of interest.  Later, Taobao shop opened off, closed open, he finally made up.  Back then, she had made it with a Taobao was doing well people get married, go directly to the boss when.    Sometimes I think.Why is she able to open the closed, closed and open.She had no perseverance, and finally how to do it up.I learned to back, is the power of the circle, is the force of circumstance.So, even if off, it’s all right.  Because she was that way in the environment, so even if lost, lost only temporary.    However, if she is in a day that everyone earn thousands of circles in it.  Really is like this, even if we re stupid, which saw every day to chat with others, we will also do it.To imitate.So we see a lot of very powerful father, my brother is very powerful, he is to eventually become very powerful.    Article the beginning, I lost friends say that, in fact, their family is great.  But her girlfriend at that time, or blind date, that personal introduction, said the girl everything is good, that is a little lazy, a little love pack.If as we think most people will even pick up the pack of people do not love, it would be good?.  But his father, mother or let him go to the.They really married later.    That does not pick up on love, his father says so, it does not matter, we are a whole family of people love to pick up, love clean, she will also be affected by the.It is really behind as it looks like his father said, and his wife can be diligent.  So, a lot of the time, people around us is not good enough, really is not good enough ourselves.As long as our own good.It will affect them.They are also becoming good.Because people are online, no one does not want their good.    So, a lot of times we when we do not have a good environment, we must learn to walk into a better environment.  Because what kind of person what kind of environment created, what kind of goals what kind of life have been the target of course is the best, because he would not be confused, even if only very temporarily confused.But more important is the environment, because the environment will affect our.Even animals, plants, under different circumstances are not the same.  Because we have read before, so people have an adaptive, adapting to the environment can make a change.    In our Fujian Commercial Union Lane, it is also very clear on this.In early times, we simply do not know there are so many wonderful network.Ali also see behind the others do make a lot, make a lot of Taobao, so we will have done.  Not to mention really, but also do it, are also often chat, everyone will look up.    Of course, different environments are different results.For example, we know that Taobao customer coterie.That is, then perhaps we have been doing that Taobao customers.If we do recognize Ali, then maybe we would choose to do Ali.  Taobao to do with Ali is not the same person, is not the same result.Therefore, the choice is very important.  But the important thing is to join the higher circles, people must go up.Joined the lower circle, people will become lazy.Fortunately, humanity is going up.So we do not have to worry about this.  Like the article title, like, all right, it was just a moment of lost.    In fact, in the course of work, learning in the process of growing up, we certainly will encounter when tired, but tired, we break down good enough.And then continue to go, because it is far away waiting for us.    Fuzhou girl, before she really do not understand properly the boss, and now dozens of people from the management are also very well managed.The soap opera was originally to see her, but now they are everywhere to learn, to make their shops more.  We think the next certainly know that she is exposed to the contents of the higher level of environment, a higher level.  So, for her, maybe sometimes there will be like to play hearts, but the work will definitely do well.    We see so many school graduation is very good to know, would they also are very ordinary people, but there is an environment that, in that environment, overtake each other, even if sometimes a lie, it is also immediately to catch up.  But, others we can not see why they grow so fast, in fact, not fast, they are just like the people around speed.So, for us, the moment lost all right, choose a good environment, followed by running around together like.  The original text, the micro-channel Chen Zhihong / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.