Cordial encounter, accompanied Aninuan

The day before yesterday afternoon, after work when there are old classmates over to play, she is stopped by to see me passing work, the door when I have guests, after all, very intimate friend of many years, a man sipping tea in a remote place, sit quiet until I bid farewell to guests.I do not go out in the morning to drive yourself over, naturally she would take the initiative when a return to the driver, and finally I sit safely sent back to the door, so close, yet so casual.Busy life sometimes people strained to move around the small little details, occasionally alienate numb, as long as they have time to sort out what when, I remember like.A warm eyes a warm words, if absent-minded not to care very unusual, if they look into the hearts of a part is too little touches, eventually you I do not rely on the collection of these little touches, over time into a shares warm, warm, accompanied, twilight to dawn-to Enron through the dark clouds of life?   There is only their closest most people can not trust courtesy, not binding, it will not neglect to care about you, and vice versa also from time to time for the sake of your row worries for you, true friendship can withstand ordinary companions, have also been from the time of the test of adversity, the stronger the longer the prison can not destroy.Looking back, you can share a lifetime of many people will laugh, you can share very few tears, perhaps, that you did not open myself the real world, or the other party never allows you to him (her) world you just met before, and the light.Feelings will not happen overnight, there, over many years of accumulation between people, cordial encounter, accompanied by Ann warm, surrounded by people asking for anything if you can not, if you can make a person’s soul is placed, if there has been quietly accompany you , watching one of your people, or love, or friendship, your world has proven that he (she) came up, you certainly had his portrait (her).    I do not know why, these days somehow think some of the previous trivia.97 years past, but also talking about some distant, but still clear.After graduating from college, I was not willing to end their studies alone to the Beijing Foreign Studies University study, the day before Christmas, my father received a hurried phone, a home something, so I had to put down their studies, trepidation simply collated luggage hurried home.In the three months of Beijing, there is a student from the northeastern Daqing and I have been very close, I’m two years older than her, more than one hundred days of gazing at her “miserable” life experience moved compassion before leaving, buy a ticket left a toll of hundreds, do not hesitate to all cash, plus passbook along with a password are handed over to her because I knew she was eagerly looking forward to her mother from the home exchange money over, ready prepaid tuition next semester, the cost of living is running low.Four thousand yuan is not a small sum at the time, she was a bit uneasy received in the past, through her moist eyes, he has also been moved himself.    When I get home to finish up, but also for my father to run a passport, a big life change to a 180-degree, learning life outside the north end, and the friends I have been deeply trust also in this time came a 180-degree “magnificent turn”, the speed of change is breathtaking.I dialed long distance to tell her that I want to go abroad, the time to help me sort out the clothes to stay in the dorms and sent home, by the way want to tell her, take her money any time also will do, as long as convenient, do not always thinking about.She said the deal with later refused to answer my phone started, I finally imitate someone else’s wrong tone phone, hang up came the cold again toot toot sound machine so I am funny, exactly, is chilling……Soon, the school winter break, and I had to use a very complex mood to clean up this mess.From small to large, I did not survive the slap, for the first time deeply tasted the taste of being beaten, is an indescribable pain wronged, perhaps more pain!Now think, if I had she really has difficulty shown with the return, not even a penny also no big deal, just put it another way, at least to make each other feel peace of mind, at least do not let this bad friendship.    With countless puzzled and a little anger abroad, parents comforted me more than once in an overseas call, the right to do as a charity, can do the same?Later, my mother told me that she fully exchange back, I asked how much she faltered, how could it?Over time, I gradually stopped going to ignore it, though, at that time I had just set foot in a totally strange land, in a foreign country started the first fight of their career, although all are very not easy, but, after all, money is worldly possessions, lost also trying to make it back again, this time to stop and think, next only imagine again how to face encounter?    The matter has not been forgotten for so many years, has still not unpopular with you, life is changing too, and get lost constantly torn apart and to fill our souls, and now I do not care, not to mention I also will thank you, without you, I would not be too soon to see the complexity of human nature, myself, a hidden defect, mutations that have experienced, or can not change my mind – people to perform good deeds, but more a rational.Sometimes knowing that it had been deceived laugh it off, but do not want to lose your life in a kind-hearted, compassionate Jane Huai, brighter future.I believe that many friends, all of them still cherish the friends still insist on a truth in exchange for another truth, a better exchange for another wonderful.I sincerely hope you take a wrong decision then to change my trust, and only one, poor people can be in your life, be weak, but not easily put down their self-esteem degrades, even a beggars, but also live with dignity.Life for decades, stroke, a person either fame or destitute, when eventually regret leaving the less will get as relaxed, not that ultimately seek a successful life?    I came home from school yesterday, his daughter a look of displeasure.Inquired to know during the break, alone climb flip horizontal bar, accidentally fell from above, the body of the injury has been treated in the school infirmary, her personality is not so squeamish, unless it is emotionally there are unacceptable.And makes cross-examination, said something that I was very surprised, then, some students can not stand the cold-blooded.After the original fall, and some very enthusiastic and helped her to the infirmary, there’s talk to the head teacher, however, there are usually two had a very good, very sweet little mouth of the students, not only did not help the shot, also a face disdain, even stop to help students forget about her, the school bell had rung, school matters.?Yes, she saw tears like broken pearl, deep inside grievances I can not understand how I comfort her a little quiet for a moment, looks are not the same from person to person, so the heart will be different, you can not It requires everyone to do and you think of a kind, and therefore do not need to do this sad, not to mention was also best friends have helped you, good words good words to comfort you, until the teacher hurried.At any time, no matter how others do, we must stick to the true life, must do their best ability to help those who need help, or do not know whether it is the understanding of the.When you have a difficult to believe that some people will reach out to you, and more and more, and who do not want a kind-hearted, sincere person friend?Helping others to help themselves equal, only without asking for help, no pressure, just fun.    Daughter finally calmed, looked hard at her homework back, I feel a little relieved, although she wounded, but at least I did not let disappointment.Children coming your way, we have not been accompanied, it is impossible to arrange for her to choose a way of life, we have been able to accompany her pulling forward, is that from this day, opened her sensible, taught her some basic truth in life and principles, feel better, grateful, physical and mental health to grow, day by day until it is completely sensible safely let go.    And the people are met by fate, and people accompanied by a friend and brother, life can become fortunate relatives, lovers, friends, colleagues, classmates.Is a reincarnation of past lives, even if a minor rub shoulders, perhaps leaving a note in the deep memories Review.After Past time, let people around come and go, in and out of your world, there is only a vague time then no trace test the authenticity of the earth, the interpretation of the joys and sorrows sad life.There are always some people gradually fade out of your life, do not be too sad loss, leaving time for the real people, since the beginning of the day we met, even though the middle had a run-in had a clutch, but also refused to leave the final accompany around talent is time real brave, noble life, is precious.    Love does not lie in how many people chasing too young had loved you, but there are still old age when people see you as a white-haired innocent girl that year; friendship, not that you know have had many friends, but when fortune or misfortune always someone with your heart rhinoceros interlinked, caring affection; affection, is not how long we live together, but each ordinary and extraordinary day thinking about each other, care each other.    Because of you, all the way out of downtown life, the way is not lonely.Cordial encounter, accompanied Aninuan.