Daydream in the sun

Wash finished up in the morning, out of the dormitory teacher, came to the sunny campus, the feeling is so fresh and mild.Walking in the sun, feel the warmth of the sun in winter, ears echoed waves of crisp sound of birds.This morning will not feel lonely, no matter where you go?The sun will be at your side to help you drive away heart trouble, you will feel cheerful mood.    Golden sun fire with yellow leaves campus, campus gave the golden poplar.Egg yellow clouds in the sun the map, seems that the sky became a golden decoration.Like grass and trees under the sun, there is no clear gel under cold, nor dark and quiet at night, not to humble weak gluten-free boneless.Grass and trees under the sun, is verdant, is the high-spirited; fluttering like a butterfly under the sun, wrapped in a cloak of brilliant free and happy heart, have enough capital to show themselves and attract favorite flowers.It knows the United States and the appearance of the United States is not perfect, it is more aware of the beauty of the soul is the real beauty.So many times, it put his reclusive in one take, with the heart to close, to touch.    Walking in the sun, and transparent feelings seem arbitrary, as the shade of mottled spot.Joy without significant publicity in the breeze, bright but not carved.Like this day, a man quietly, casual, walking, watching.Lament the old days old, looking back years of shallots, a little sad, but it is faint, implied.I remember a friend asked, why do you like the sun?She said, “because the sun can bring people hope.”.Remark how appropriate, the sun not only brings hope, and a warm.I think every person has a heart the sun, would be a happy man, because she is full of hope for life.    In the sun walking, aimlessly, any casual, no worries, relaxed and comfortable.The vicissitudes of years in the loss of life, who had plundered it should have some laughter dirge.Those personality in a celebration of life, are as time goes on, there is no corner of the ground split.Red Love what is going on in their own already gone, although he is still in the past that their own, like fire enthusiasm cast a years of dust.Suddenly, just think life is so absurd, that Love will be wasted in useless sigh in order to comfort her weak, lost in vain that a peaceful and happy had their own.Sunshine will make people so attachment, little people can not believe this is winter, look just like a spring.Sunshine is really beautiful, beautiful people give up, people just want to; it seems reluctant to indulge in a dream.It turned out that this is the sun.    Walking in the sun, the mind is plain and rich, picking up an early withered leaves, bright red in stray light smell the fragrance emanation; listen to the quiet several more birds, all in all, in a silent convey the same information; life is good, the sun is lovely.Nature has given us everything, is the result of careful screening, is the darling of God.Like so many words: “either reading or walking.”Reading, background is precipitated soul; walking, thinking that the width expansion.Whether reading or walking, is a beautiful.Walking in the sun, how bright and a layer of warm feeling, with a pair of eyes to the world, full of bright and sunny, Elixir of Love.Walking in the sun, feel the intentions of nature every note, to listen to the whispers flowers tenderness, even the air seemed to have a hint of fragrance.Sniffing the smell of sun, eyes full of clear and bright and clean, out of the heart, some flowers, fine and fragrant.Qian Zhi Qing Yang, draw a graceful arc, it is a happy angle.Quietly close your eyes, let the soul with the breeze, flying cheerful bar!Love bright, youth and dreams, it is colorful in the sun shine.Life and happiness, originally of life’s most pristine hope.Put his heart in the sun it!Looking at the world in the sun, beautiful scenery encounter.A look, a smile, a hint silent; everything will become beautiful, quietly enjoying the depths of the soul under the sun tranquil share.    Do in the sun simply true to yourself, keep quiet a silent, not Fuming tired, but also unwilling to depression, I had my dream, but also my pursuit.If it is a leaf, then do not seek a parasol trees strange name it!Open also comfortable, casual Xie also.The leaves make a free walk in the sun, not whom to stay, nor whom wither.There the wind came, it was in the branches I looked and looked belong to my pride, my landscape.When the sun gently tossed in my body, you can hear singing in my soul.