The most harden the NBA team!The first two road losing streak is their full

Beijing on March 22, Spurs vs. Wizards。 The game, one person Aldridge scored 27 points, and ultimately the Spurs to 98-90 win over the Wizards, ho to take five straight, and continues to maintain the position of the top eight in the West, this win also means the Spurs at home against the Wizards winning streak has reached 18-game winning streak。
It is worth mentioning that the war in NBA history, the Wizards road losing streak against the Spurs' 18-game losing streak in the NBA road losing streak in the penultimate long, the first long losing streak against the Spurs away to the Hawks even 20 defeat。
As we all know, the Spurs are the NBA for nearly 20 years, the most consistent team, but in the past ten years, the Spurs have become the home of the Wizards and Hawks nightmare, think about was quite scary。 In today's game, the Wizards played a good opening, biting the first half the score。 However, the second half Aldridge played a role, he led the team opened the score in the third quarter, the final win。
The Wizards exactly when to terminate this embarrassing record it?You may have to wait until early next season, right!(Emily)。