Drunk Love

Early spring breeze, blowing a blossoming dandelion dancing in the sky, blowing over a branch of purple tulips sporadic bursts of light fragrant elegant, wipe moving Zhu Zhu Love flower emotional ambience.In Love flower blooming season, I want to drink the good friendship.    Friendship is a lifelike picture.Since Boya sub-strings of the map can depict mountain stream, the tertiary Guan teeth to show sympathetic minds chart, then we can draw our exclusive friendship scroll painting.The family is meaningful wordless book, how much communication there is no invisible Goukan, has long been indifferent, and my natural indifference and silence, the family has been far and near.A stay, a night that a little love in fact, look back at the moment.Love is no longer willing to touch the residue of chess, this world too deep memory, poly edge casual, come and gone, but in that moment, then, what is left are the unexpected novel.    Perhaps we are not as good as they are so talented; perhaps, we do not have them so well.But we can use the soft brush strokes of ink drops a letter in a picture friendship.Can smear colorful crayons picture; you can use a strip of colored lines, arcs sketched friendship colorful scenery; you can make a fan of pink and white flowers bloom in Love reel, adding the United States of Love.    Between love planting flowers heart, never words, but with beautiful memories, moved to tears would give it nutrients.Love the bit of crystal, recall, mellow as wine, tea if Ming, had moved quietly surging in the depths.    Sea in the brain, the memory of water flowing slowly, one by one crystal clarity blisters gently rippling, eyes to stare when intentions, only to find: those blisters are spontaneously when Friends Reunited joy, is peek into the greetings or a smile, before leaving the examination room inside is a real blessing, worried about my heart is sincere when confronted with difficulties and help, and one memorable scene.    Friendship is rippling river boat, float to the surface ripples, it needs careful care of each other, in order to continue to balance.Friendship is a thousand miles of frozen snow, bright sixth-shaped snowflakes dancing friendship brings joy, distribute pure atmosphere.Friendship is a leafy green trees, creating bursts of shade, bringing a refreshing coolness.Friendship is a sunrise run after the rain, carrying Avision across the sky, and placed bit of warmth and joy.Love flowers beautiful friendship, is not wiped away sad, but forget the Memorial!    Love simple, no butterflies in love, only to spend the poem; no piano complain, only the sword’s crazy; no cloud heart, only willing to rain.Because love, hope the spirit of water, there have been fish Xiang; because of love, Feng Yan wipe off, leaving traces; because of love, silent Night Moon, flying thoughts.    I know that in my memory, it is important to you, you give me moved, you give me concern, although it can not clearly remember a little bit, but I want to remember.In fact, since I started thinking, my heart has always been lonely, and I have not been able to open my heart, even though I know you’re on the side.The school, in this world, but I have time and time again to get out.A weak a dark night, the time is now hidden when the miss, a fly a falling leaves, always lingering.Dark heart, heart leaves, heart uneasiness prompted me to look odd, with others, we have a lot of different.    I like the rhythm of the rain, like refreshing cool wind, like a clean white snow, like the misty fog diffuse, more like friends and when the heart is full of the feeling of pleasure, though not much my words.In life, you have appeared; mathematics in life, you have appeared; so my memory is full, I’m in my spare time, you can think about it, recite.You make my memory is not monotonic function, you make my memory is not smooth straight line.    Impression always liked the word: to catch up with the time, is indelible memories, some things, some people, will be remembered in the depths of memory.Love is not always live in our memories, in the mind it?Loving but stern man, but the language less industrious man, was I was 18 years of memories never fade.Childhood friend, partner primary schools, junior high school, family, high school 405 and 609, are always on the learning and memory.6,4,3, schools in three important numbers, I will not forget.Network in the world that a few important friends, although not met, still my memory does not forget!    If friendship tea, the more bubbles the more concentrated; if love wine, the more the more fragrant yeast; feelings like flowers, the plant is more beautiful; love like leaves, the longer the green.Friendship is a beautiful emotion, friendship is a rare fate.We need to know how to cherish, drunk love, let love blossom between each other’s hearts, love flowers!