Face Hongxia, soar

Inscription: Vision for the piano and played far from thinking.Wind flowers, blue ink dye coating.  Cross-river pool day dew diarrhea, people are journeying, journeying month also.  Fog clouds discretion of a goblet.Mei Ying landscape, plain Fu Lei.  Spirit River misty any free period, read in knowing each other, knowing each other in your.  Life was passing, a time to irreparable.I do not know right or wrong, life more simple, less impetuous, accustomed to this simple and natural.At the front of the screen, facing Hongxia, soar, melancholy or longing, or is enchanting beautiful, imagined or distance, it is to become a myth or spend every cloud?Everything is unknown.  ”This is like a non-stars last night, whom wind Lu Li Zhong Xiao.Thousands of customs, but also with what people say!”Yiyi, Dream, Xixi feelings.Makeup wind, I do not know where drift quietly!Mouth hung a touch of sweet smile.Silent words solidification, a wisp of black hair falling around the mean, lingering, rose bloom, my ray of sunshine to hold, has a warm, bright!  Faint fragrance, such as coffee stains the mouth of fragrance, flowing in the wind, sprouted in the memory.Not sigh, charming characters made of dew, to nourish knowing colorless flowers.Thanks to years, give me pure, full of longing in some hazy, but some charming.  Helpless and text, cut fleeting.I’m having a few spring and I hope my sleepwalking splendid.Glide breeze, fresh and natural, Fangfei heart, rising slowly in the wind.Of calm gentle and delicate, with a trace of shame Italy, every inch of skin infection, gorgeous beauty that is the climax of life, is a sudden beauty!  At that moment, like a curl of tea invaded my bone marrow.Exclusive slow drink, Chi pledge allegiance to God, their own entertainment.Cup feelings, finger rhyme flow, Painting of beautiful, natural each other, so in my eyebrows, in my heart, wrapped around light, light around.  Put light in her tracks, only to hear a soft voiceless, and the thoughts again and again, quietly show a plain paper declared, in the past at the wind, mixing subtle fragrance, waving ink, clumsy dancing soft heart.A little perseverance, far apart, a brighter future, I’m in the text of the abyss, this life forever?I giggle own stupid, but still involved in the thousands of miles looking for that beautiful poetry.  Tactful and elegant text, covered with blurred network, suddenly, the heart faint raw pain, a tear flowing on the cheeks, I have always been, I incurable, lying quietly in light ink pool, affectionate, tempting.  Text through time and space, brushed his face and marshes.Lost years away, ushered in a spring.13 Listen, flowers everywhere joy, whisper in the wind, no, I know.  Read in knowing each other, Mei Ying landscape, plain Fu Lei.Spirit River misty any free period.I indulge in the text, do not ask why, do not ask to come and go, do not ask where, just because encounter wind.  Hongxia led me to bypass the layers of mountains, with me all the way to fill the gap, chasing the first dream.The grand youth bunched up bright and seven-color touch Banlan Guangmang, this is the way I like it.Pay no regrets, even if the Red tear yourself, do not go back to look at, either this mottled.Face Hongxia, soar.