18 years old, thank you liked me

REVIEW five points sunset fast down the mountain, but the most beautiful sunset red, break from work bell rang, the factory level employees to leave the room, lying on green belt company nap sleeping, eating cold drinking water bread, engaged in small talk of.The first boy like me, that year, I was 18 years old.  His surname Dai, 26 years old, can be called a man, small in stature, handsome, speaking slowly.I graduated from a teacher training assigned to the first factory, I told him to wear a chef.  Dai master work is the first process, die casting, is to simply hot molten aluminum into a mold, the mold is cooled, became like shape model, the process requires a first time quality inspector Check test equipment Model , if feasible, let the machine after passing the standard operating staff.Is the most dangerous and hostile environment, high temperature plant, machine hot soup accidentally splashing aluminum, may also cause skin burns, disfigurement, several cases of work-related injuries each year.  Our interns just learning process, not to mention the girl has not been assigned to this channel.When I went, like a drop into boiling oil in a drop of water – raged.They make fun of me for several affecting the efficiency, prompting those old male operatives eyes glanced toward me.  Learning for two days, and wearing a chef get along pretty good.With more than a dozen interns go, saying I was the most intelligent one.How to say I was out of the seized goods professional courses, professional and learn Debu Lai.  Director arranged for me to work at night, wear several occasions to see my teacher, at first, I just thought that the relationship between colleagues and accosted Bale, senior sister apprentice told me that he might be interested in me, in my mind a hum, it is impossible.  Still later, every day, a text message, impatience the trouble to send a whole month.I asked him, in the end go nuts, he said he liked me.Suddenly, my face still distorted than cannabis.  How could I put up with such love ah, this is not sexual gratification.I find it difficult to imagine, how big I was eight years old and a man contacts, or I do not like the type, but also listen to colleagues, he was stingy man, what timid.Besides, I’m so small, some youth did not have time to enjoy, he is so big, his youth can not afford to delay, you can talk of marriage.The thought of those girls in the factory and the factory people from falling in love and marrying the other party, every day to stay in dark factories, holding a rigid poor humble salary to live, I can not stand this life.And I’m pro forma university, can not stay in the factory, like me, girl, how you may be willing to status quo.So long list of practical problems, the more I feel strongly that I had to cut the Gordian knot.  Again, I’m about him at the bridge, a straight face told him it is not possible between us, I do not want to have any further feelings, and that I could not stay in the factory, had left the internship.  Then, I walked away alone, when I leave the back I think it should be really cool.  This thing also also thanks to my brother ZL, he read the third year in our county, I want to be a good junior high school students, wearing a chef did not give up, I lied to him, I have a boyfriend.ZL come forward at this time, to wear a master call and send text messages, meaning I was ZL girlfriend, I like less trouble.Got to the final, I really almost became ZL girlfriend, okay, but almost.  Still later, he lost hope.I transferred to the purchase inspection, he went to other departments to find another job, we are not in contact with the.  The second boy like me, but also 18 years old.  Coincidentally, in the same unit it is also my internship, my Young, older my one year old.  High school, upstart son, dude, very slick, all hands to work, a man acting in bad faith.To plant life is simply to exercise, eat bitter Bale.  First met him when I went to the cafeteria to eat and senior sister apprentice, he was behind us, yelling, I’m the fire, casually scolded him.Not bothersome trouble, a person you yell, throw no shame ah, back to your colleagues discredit the group, you have the ability to go to complain to the vice president (vice president of his father’s friends) ah, yes, I can have opinions feedback, my work number is XXX ..He dumb, quiet.  Later, I have been very disgusted him, I hate that type of person, very biased.He let go down, left and right a senior sister apprentice to one shouted, otherwise called straw, never called my name, and later, his colleagues also followed called straw.Sometimes very attentive to buy breakfast for me, buy a lot of snacks.  Five points sunset fast down the mountain, but the most beautiful sunset red, break from work bell rang, the factory level employees to leave the room, lying on green belt company nap sleeping, eating cold drinking water bread, engaged in small talk of.”Straw, get something to eat?”Young this annoying guy went, I leaned over the side.  I was busy doing pile of reports and list.”Can not you see I’m busy it?”” These things do not get, and I have never bothered to write.”” Ah, how can I tell you than you have your vice president cover.”I sour his sentence.  ”That no matter how busy you eat, to drink hot tea.”Young speechless.  ”I do not drink milk tea, too sweet, you get out, and do not bother me.”” Then I’ll wait for you busy, okay, I want to finish talk.”Young moved stools and sat down.  ”Well, I do not write, what would you say.”I looked at him take off glasses.  He Irony does not know what to do, stammered, he was willing for me to read, I will try to make money for his father for not allowing.It is not, his father went to the company to work.  I remember I was face particularly despise him: “If I am such a person, I would not go today.”It means I listen to understand, not that emotional trading thing to do.  ”Straw, I just want it to Hello.”” Well, do not say, you’d better leave me in peace quiet.”He grabbed my right arm, I nervously asked him why, he said he wanted me to remember.Having towards my arm biting down.I did not expect that, I was just wearing a long-sleeved shirt, arms lined sleeves can be rolled up with a buttoned.He bite buttons, he did not leave teeth marks, but almost to his teeth nibbling off.  Later, he was leaving, his father let him leave, I was about to transfer to other departments, we do this line, shifting alliances, working non-stop exchange.His departure, he sent me a long text message saying: “You stupid woman, you’ll regret it.There, I said my ex-girlfriend with you, because she had a car accident, your personality and looks a lot like her, but not the same, you’re special.I just want to Hello only, of course, you do not fancy people like me.”How it sounds like old-fashioned story.  I left a long time, senior sister apprentice said to me: “Young paid a girlfriend, but was divided, he said, or forget you.”Is it?I respond to him dismissively.He did not forget me, because he can not fall in love with the second woman to let him crazy, one day, he’ll forget it’s.  Today, I am 20 years old, has long been out of the factory machines roar of the day, he turned his examination miss college and went to work part office.  Looking back 18 years, thank you once liked me.