A distant mobile screening team

In the villages of earlier years, there were two things that could make children excited and happy: First, New Year’s Day; Second, a screening team came from the village.   The village surrounded by mountains is like a large cradle. The cradle was littered with hundreds of families and thousands of people. Few people in the village came out of the mountain, few people outside the mountain came into the village, and the days in the village were plain and ordinary.. Only the arrival of the screening team, like a stone full of vitality, is thrown into the calm water, stirring up ripples and bringing forth bursts of joy and novelty.. At that moment the children, like sparrows, twittered around the screening team, asking this and asking that, never leaving, for fear of any change. It seems that the screening team is the whole world outside the mountain. It is fresh and attractive. It is simply wonderful.. Every time they can bring the long-awaited happiness and unexpected surprise to the children, the mobile screening team can enter the village once every other month, causing a big stir in the country’s mood..   When it comes to the screening team, it’s actually two people. Uncle Guan and Uncle Xiao Luo are in their fifties. Their faces are bronze and their voices sound like Hong Zhong. Even though the top of the head is bare and does not have a single hair, there are some around it, and they are long and coiled round and round to the top of the head, but it is difficult to cover up the bright ground on the head.. The beard must be shaved cleanly with stubble on its face. Deep wrinkles record the weather, frost, snow and rain of the years. He seldom talks, and rarely smiles and looks very dignified.. Uncle ronaldinho was in his twenties, his white teeth were rare in the village, and his face was always full of smiles. A pair of small wine dens and a pair of small tiger teeth are really charming. People in the village like him very much and are especially popular, and they are the idols the girls are chasing.. The candy melon seeds in his pocket are always delicious. If anyone makes a joke on him, he is always bewildered with a smile and a red blush.. They are all veterans, wearing enviable green military uniforms, although faded, but more soldiers clean style.   A black mule pulled a dark green rubber cart with three iron boxes, which was all they had. Two people went from village to village, from spring to summer, bringing happiness to thousands of families free of charge. Nature is welcomed and loved by people. The food is naturally not said, but carefully arranged by the production team. Although it is a farm food, it pays attention to material benefits — – chicken stewed with mushrooms and pork stewed with vermicelli … Ah, because neither of them drinks alcohol, they eat every meal very fast.. After a short rest after dinner, he went into the preparatory work. Mules are naturally good at grass and good materials to wait on.   The films are all black-and-white film and open air. The site is very simple. Select a spacious open space in the village, bury two high dedicated wooden poles, tie up the screen, hang up the speakers, set up the projector and connect the gasoline generator, even if it is ready to end. First, a science and education film will be screened. What soil improvement, what seed cultivation, cattle and sheep improvement, and so on, the children naturally do not understand and are not interested. They only want to finish as soon as possible.. The following is a series of two war-themed feature films. Such as participating in the underground warfare ” the underground warfare” the plain guerrilla ” flying tigers” Batman Zhang Ga ” Shining Red Star Regulations” and so on. These are all children’s favorite movies. After watching this village, you can watch it four or five times in a movie.. It was not until the screening team was sent away that it was reluctant to recall every wonderful piece, imitate every action, learn every line, and basically memorize every scene.. Often, several small partners play several characters to play one or more segments. No matter in the spring and autumn, no matter in winter or summer, the children will follow wherever the screening team goes.. Although sometimes I run dozens of miles of mountain roads, I don’t know how tired I am. It seems to have boundless magic power.. Because of this, some busybodies often fool the children by falsely claiming that there is a movie in the east village and a movie in the west village, and the children who cheat are often’ young heroes running on white roads’,’ sitting down and watching the blue sky’. But it’s better to believe it than not to believe it. It’s better than to miss a movie..   The open-air movies grew taller and taller with my childhood, each full of heroic images and grandiloquence, making my thin soul plump and my barren heart grow green.. With the memory of black-and-white films, I can’t remember how many mountains and rivers I have climbed with the mobile screening team.. A lot of things were left behind and forgotten in the rush. Only the mobile screening teams and open-air movies in my hometown were firmly hung in the heart of my childhood, getting brighter and brighter..   Three years ago, my nephew got married and hurried back to his brother’s home to congratulate him. In the long talk, we remembered the mobile screening team and outdoor movies of our childhood. We were too excited to be like children. With emotion, we wrapped up two outdoor movies for my nephew for the villagers. One was to participate in the draft regulations of the earth war and the other was to participate in the regulations of outwitting the tiger mountain.. But in any case, I can’t find the former lively scene.   Since then, I have never seen any outdoor movies.   Now I recall that some exciting outdoor movies and mobile screening teams have disappeared from my hometown, the children of the past have all entered middle age, and the scenery once owned in that era has also become a distant echo of history, but it makes me unable to help but often taste the joy of childhood in my childhood life..