‘ Down and Down” Friar Sand

Friar Sand accidentally broke the glass lamp at the Peach Banquet, and the Jade Emperor beat him 800 times and demoted him to the lower bound. ” Teach him to fly a sword through his chest and threats once again on the 7th.”. In Liusha River, Friar Sand had no food, so he ate a few people crossing the river to satisfy his hunger.. We all know that there are ” cannibals” in the river, and the people who come and go are basically extinct, sometimes even a few monks who don’t know the depth.. On this day, Guanyin Bodhisattva passed the Liusha River and Friar Sand landed and caught him. It can be seen that hunger has destroyed all his reason.. Hungry and wearing his chest, Friar Sand was in agony, and life was better than death.. At this time, the Bodhisattva said, ” Why don’t you come into our door and convert to the good fruit and become a disciple with the pilgrim and go to the Western Heaven to worship the Buddha and pray for the scriptures?”? I taught Feijian not to wear you. At that time, when you were successful and exempted from punishment, how was your heart going?? ”. When Friar Sand heard this, there was still such a good thing as ” flying swords will not be worn, but will return to their duties”. So he readily promised to follow and protect Tang’s monk to fetch scriptures from the Western Heaven.. Tang’s monk and his disciples took 14 years to go through eighty-one difficult, and finally completed the task of sending scriptures to the Western Heaven for reward.. Tang’s monk rose to a high position and became a Buddha of merit and merit. Sun Wukong rose to the top position and was crowned the champion of the fight against the Buddha. Pig eight quit to raise your position to be a true fruit and become a pure altar messenger. Friar Sand was promoted to a high position as a golden arhat. Small white dragon rose to your post as a true fruit, and became the eight dragon horses.. These titles are for Sun Wukong, Pig Bajie, Friar Sand, and White Dragon, and they are a reward for meritorious deeds, as well as a promise made by Bodhisattva to let them protect Tang Priest to learn scriptures at that time.. All of you were very happy, but pig eight quit to give yourself a ” food and drink” reward. Buddha said, ” Because you are strong and careless, you have a large intestine to eat.”. Covering four continents in the world, there are many people who admire my teachings. It is a good grade to teach you to clean up the altar in all Buddhist affairs. How can it not be good! , eight quit also delighted. In fact, it was Friar Sand who should really cry foul.! Tang’s monk and his disciples, including Bai Longma, all kept their promise, but they broke their promise to Friar Sand.! The Bodhisattva promised Friar Sand two things at that time, ” Flying Swords Don’t Wear”’ Yes, But” Resume Your Own Duty” But it didn’t. Friar Sand’s’ labor’ and’ yes’ and’ roller shutter general’, the Jade Emperor’s personal bodyguard. I can’t get back to the Jade Emperor. It’s understandable that after all, the Buddha and Heaven are not a system, but the golden body arhat has a lower status in Mahayana Buddhism and must go through human penance to become a Buddha. Maybe it won’t be a Buddha for the rest of my life.. Such as the 18 arhats, which is also a security role. The king of the black chicken kingdom was a mortal, and the official position the Tathagata wanted to give him at first was arhat. Lohan’s greatest advantage can be to avoid the suffering of reincarnation. Friar Sand has already boarded Xianlu and no longer needs this benefit.. It is true that there is a long way to go between the roller shutter general and the golden arhat. What is more, Friar Sand did not express his dissatisfaction, and his face, which always has a calm expression, could not read his heart.. This also left a pending case. Why does the Bodhisattva not keep its promise? Western Heaven” Establishment” Limited, certainly not; Bodhisattva does not speak credit, much less is it possible. After perusing the scriptures several times and analyzing Friar Sand’s performance, the answer came out. Friar Sand gives people the impression that he is a quiet nice guy. Friar Sand’s mission in the Buddhist scriptures team is the same as that of Sun Wukong and Pig Bajie. Friar Sand is responsible for destroying monsters, protecting Tang Priest and enabling the Buddhist scriptures team to move forward.. However, it is strange that Friar Sand did not even kill a big monster. He always said, ” I look at the master”. After the master was captured, he said that I looked at the luggage and refused to come forward hard, or simply let the monster catch him, and he was caught easily after playing a few times.. Friar Sand is the bodyguard of the roller shutter general and the Jade Emperor, and his strength cannot be so small. Friar Sand’s world outlook and personal pursuit did go wrong. To preserve our sanity may be Friar Sand’s only life creed. When Sun Wukong clashed with Tang’s monk and Pig eight quit, he said nothing, regardless of whether the east wind was to the west wind or the west wind was to the east wind.. As the saying goes, if you don’t bear it, you won’t have any friends. When you take a trip to fetch scriptures, Sun Wukong doesn’t regard him as a friend, pig eight quit doesn’t regard him as a friend, and even Tang’s monk is quite critical of him.. Friar Sand killed only one monster in the whole journey, or the fake Friar Sand who was going to pretend to be him to fetch scriptures, because this touched his bottom line. Friar Sand’s skill was not low, but after being attacked by tourist trap, he feared that monsters had backstage, so he did not dare to fight each time.. Friar Sand in the TV series carries the load all the way, and he is silent and works hard, but from the book, the load is all pig eight quit, and Friar Sand only takes the horse all the way.. The horse is also a dragon, which need him to lead? So, the basic is to follow all the way. Friar Sand’s obsession is to return to Heaven. When Guanyin called him, he repeatedly asked, ” Will the pilgrim come here?”? If you don’t come, will you miss my future? ”. Sun Wukong’s goal in life is to pursue freedom. Pig’s goal in life is to have a happy family. Friar Sand only wants to return to heaven and enjoy the scenery it brings to him.. As the saying goes, he only asks for what he can get from the top to the bottom, so he can only get from the bottom. Friar Sand had no intention of learning and did not want to make progress. Jackson Wu Chao passed on the draft regulations for everyone to participate in the Heart Sutra. Tang’s monk and Monkey King all the way to enlightenment and eventually became Buddhas..Pig eight quit learned a lot of practical experience in Gao Laozhuang and the process of learning scriptures. For example, when Sun Wukong was almost burnt to death by Hong Haier Samadhi Fire, he knew to push his breast and return his soul. Passing through the Tongtian River, he didn’t know the depth of the water. He knew to throw a stone to listen to the sound. The horse walked on the ice, and he proposed wrapping the horseshoe with cloth … Ah, Friar Sand had neither the wisdom of officialdom nor the practical experience of life, and threw it out of the system, only a dead end.. However, on the way to the scriptures, Friar Sand did not let the Tang Priest reprimand him once. It can also be said that Friar Sand was not at fault. He was silent and had a single expression. No one knew what he was thinking.. He did not act, did less, was exquisite and timid. Perhaps he had already seen through ” all kinds of dust” and ” all kinds of dust”, and was dispirited and discouraged. his greatest ideal was not to be pierced by flying swords, but what other fame and fortune did not matter. Friar Sand, who has no ideal and ambition, will certainly not work hard. The Tathagata and Bodhisattva know people with their eyes. It is no wonder that they are inferior to Friar Sand.. . Is that true? Think about’ Friar Sand’ in real life, isn’t it such a life. Li Fuchun was in Qufu on March 16, 2017