According to the truth

About Yi, there is a secret hidden. Today I exposed Yi.   First of all, according to the will to be ashamed and shameless, it smacks of philosophy.   People like to rely on, always want to find a rely on, find a refuge. When they can’t depend on their parents’ ancestors, they often feel ashamed, thus generating motivation. Set goals, put them into action, strive hard, sweat hard, frustrate and weep till success. Finally rich, have the right, have a house, have a car, have a home, have a third party, have the 456789, the good thing is always mine, ashamed disappeared.   Shame has come. According to the rich bribery want more benefits, eat and drink piao wager smoke. According to the power of corruption and bribery, bending the law fraud plunder, deceives the top and bottom. Up and down, inside and outside, there is no clean place, these bad things are all strange.   What is the measure of right and wrong? In fact, people have a steelyard in their hearts. Or the Ming dynasty sage maharaja yang Ming said, ” there is no good without nausea, there is good with malice.”. Knowing the good and knowing the evil is conscience, and removing the evil for the good is the norm. All evil thoughts and evil deeds are things, and they must be dealt with in order to reveal their conscience.   Maharaja’s predecessor was a Taoist monk. Bodhisattva came back, full of shame. He said that everyone could be a sage, making a sound that had not been heard by his predecessors.. The purpose of his coming again is to bring down the Confucian thought in one continuous line and not let shameless fill the world.   Often ashamed of being a master of printing light.   Often shameless is me.   Are you often ashamed more than shameless or often shameless more than ashamed?   According to is ashamed and shameless.   Secondly, it has strong Zen artistic conception and Buddhist flavor..   The clothes made by the human body are made according to the law, which is a secret of the earth – shattering..   Each of us is wearing a suit. Don’t think that your name is Zhang San. It’s Zhang San. the emperor shunzhi’s monk said, ” Who was I when I was not born and who was I when I was born?”? Master elder brother is wearing monkey skin and second brother is wearing pigskin. if you really understand, I am no different from monkey and pig, and all of them are wearing one piece..   We have experienced this process through death and birth. Where have we gone when death and death have occurred?? We’ve gone to six rounds of reincarnation. Don’t think that every day you eat very well and very contentedly, just eat it. Don’t think that the official did a great job and was very down – and – down. He did it down – and – down.. Don’t think that every day is very beautiful and natural and unrestrained, depending on the natural and unrestrained scenery. Don’t think it looks good to wear heavy make-up every day, but it looks good. All are in accordance with, tube you what matter?   This is the truth, the truth is not terrible. Don’t stick to it any longer, it’s a fake me. Look at the broken point, put down the point, be at ease, be at ease, be sincere, be equal, be clean and be merciful.   Samsara is not fun. Samsara is painful. In this life we wear human skin and in the next life we wear cowhide. In accordance with the constant changes, we are very busy and may be fried, cooked, fried and stewed..   When Sakyamuni Buddha became a Taoist, he even sent a thunderous roar of lions that everyone could become a Buddha, showing mercy to all the people for forty-nine years.. Buddha and Bodhisattva won’t have six samsara, and Wang Yangming will also be Bodhisattva again. Confucianism and Buddhism have reached the same goal in different ways, with the same exhortation that ” all evils do not work, and all good deeds are followed”. According to this practice, they are equal to Bodhisattva.. Today, if we understand the truth of the matter, we must have consciousness, consciousness, and then read the Buddha..   Read who is who, you read Maitreya, you are Maitreya, you read Sakyamuni, you are Sakyamuni, so you know who you are.   Are you happy? Come on, smile.