Grandmother’s life

Grandmother’s feet have gone through eighty-four miserable years in her life and have been away from us for many years.. My mother talked about her these days, ” without great – grandmother, there would be no family and manpower in this family now.”. I should have written about her when I was a child, my great-grandmother was old, but she was busy in the kitchen with her feet all day, feeding pigs, chickens and caring for a group of great – grandchildren.. The great-grandmother in my memory is very kind, with her children and grandchildren wrapping around her knees, and she can take good care of her.. It can be said that great-grandmother never lived for herself or enjoyed a day’s happiness in her life. If she could live to the present, maybe she could live for herself: eat well, dress well and see the world..     Grandmother was born in the last years of the Qing Dynasty in a war-torn country. In the years of famine and cold fleeing, she became a graceful young girl.. At the age of 16, her mother decided to marry a small family. Seven or eight days after marriage, her mother went to visit her. In the evening, the mother and daughter lived in the family’s only hut, and her new husband and in-laws lived in caves.. In the middle of the night, the earthquake shook the mountain and broke the ground. A big earthquake shaking the world shook their mother and daughter out of their sleep, and they climbed out of broken walls and shivered in the cold wind until dawn.. The collapsed cave has buried her in-laws in her husband’s grave, so she has to follow her mother back to her family.     A year later, great-grandmother married great – grandfather, the eldest son of a large family. Great – grandfather’s ex-wife died of consumption and left no man or woman behind. Great grandfather was honest and hardworking, and he did not slack off at work for a moment. His family’s food and clothing were all supported by him. His mother was still smoking opium. As soon as the smoker hit him on the head with a cigarette gun, he knelt in front of him and did not reply. Only when his mother’s anger subsided, he carried lambs, wore stars and Dai Yue, and went over mountains and mountains to the bazaar dozens of miles away to exchange opium.. Grandmother is a new daughter-in-law who takes care of her parents – in – law. She always takes care when talking and doing things. Her mother-in-law likes to praise her in front of outsiders sometimes.. In this way, a few years passed without incident..     On a cold winter night, a gang of bandits rushed into the village and the whole family was terrified. The whole family helped the old and the young flee for their lives in panic and fled from their homes nearby. Grandmother said to her husband, ” You take your parents, siblings and sons back to the mountains first, and I will go back and get us some food and drink. We can’t let more than 20 members of the family starve to death on the road.”. Great – grandmother, disregarding dissuasion, returned home and quickly packed dry food in the kitchen. At this moment, the bandit rushed into the courtyard and hid too late. She hurriedly untied her hair, took out the ashes of the stove chamber and touched the whole body, curled up in the corner, trembling with fear.. Several bandits found her and asked, ” Who are you from this family?”? ‘ she didn’t reply. A bandit said, ” Look, it must be the fire girl of this family. We are short of a fire girl.”. ‘ This gang of bandits set up a big iron pan in the courtyard. Her great-grandmother knelt in front of the pan to burn the fire. She watched her pigs, cattle and sheep being slaughtered, bags of food being fed to the horses, oil tanks and honeypots being knocked over and her heart ached with a knife.. After a few days, the bandits still ate and drank, wantonly wasted food, destroyed houses and furniture, and had no intention of withdrawing. Grandmother thought: if you continue to endure, you will surely lose your life. So, on a chilly night, great-grandmother raised some meat cooked by bandits, climbed out of the backyard and ran away along the ravine, accidentally fell into a thornbush and was stabbed black and blue, with a burning pain all over her body, and she also ignored it.. By dawn, she found her family in a cave, and the couple wept bitterly. This where will you go earned great-grandmother the respect of the whole family..     Han’s family, old and young, lived in the cave for more than a month. During the day, great grandfather took his three younger brothers to the village to beg for some food and drink. At night, the family huddled up and down to keep each other warm until bandits left Han’s compound.. When he got home, he saw the poor people nearby washing the food lying on the street by bandits in the sand, his great-grandfather wailing over the stone lion’s money sitting in front of the door, his parents crying over the sky and robbing the land, and the possessions created by these generations were destroyed. They cursed the world and cried about their fate..     Grandmother tried to dissuade her parents-in-law and husband and clean up the mess.. The family struggled through the winter until the spring blooms. Once bitten by a snake, they are afraid of the ropes for ten years, let alone the chaos of bandits and bandits.? Great grandfather, at his wife’s suggestion, decided to cut a stone house on a cliff eight or nine miles away from home to prevent banditry. A big project started in the spring of 1925. Seven or eight masons were hired to cut holes in the cliff four or five feet above the ground. They used the most primitive method, cutting an axe and getting up early and greedy for black. It took two years and five months to spend eight hundred oceans, and the stone house was finally completed.. The stone house covers an area of more than 100 square meters, with living room, bedroom kitchen and toilet inside. Great grandfather led his three younger brothers to build a courtyard on the ground under the cliff. After the autumn harvest, a family of old and young moved into a new home. When they were safe, they lived in the courtyard under the cliff, ploughed the fields and wove cloth, gave birth to children, and once the wind and grass blows, they immediately climbed into the stone house along the ladder, then removed the ladder, closed the stone door, and only watched what was going on in a few watchful eyes..     The day passed in suspense. His great-grandfather’s two sisters married one after another. His mother’s opium addiction did not diminish at all. His two great-grandfather became addicted to cigarettes and his family gradually ran out of money.. Grandmother ran the family inside and outside, only asking the whole family not to get hungry and hungry, and her sons and daughters gradually grew up, helping her to share her worries and solve her problems..     One autumn afternoon, people heard that bandits were coming again. The villagers nearby all took refuge in the stone house, which suddenly housed hundreds of people. The scene was unimaginable.. The three great-grandfather and the four great-grandfather rushed under the stone house before they could get up to it because they helped the villagers, grabbed them, helped them to the big tree opposite the stone house, and shouted at the stone house, ” Hand over the money and food, and if they don’t listen to Lao Tzu, they will become Lao Tzu’s sword ghost.”.. Great grandfather fired a few shots at the opposite mountain from his sentry eye with his only local gun, and the bandits were angry and barbecued his brothers’ backs with red-hot shovels. ” If you don’t pay the money, Lao tze will burn them.” ” They froze.”.     The bandit also shouted’ release some big girls’ and’ great grandfather stamped his foot in a hurry and said: ” what can I do about this?”? Their mother heaved a sigh and said, ” Alas, what can I do?”? Leave it to God. ‘ Nothing happened in the stone house. Bandits were impatient and resisted the forehead of the two great-grandfather with guns. ” Quick, promise to Lao Tzu and get money and food.”! ‘ stone house haven’t action.     Listen to’ bang, bang’ and’ two, two great-grandfather fell.    The bandits withdrew. For some time after that, the whole family was wrapped up in grief.     Later, great-grandmother gave birth to two grandfathers, and the milk was still enough. The two grandfathers were fat and attractive..     After this year’s autumn harvest, the weather is as cool as a day, and the stone house is still warm. Great grandfather went to Anyuan County to pick up his big sister Juxiang back to her family, because Juxiang sent a message for her brother to pick her up for many times, and now he finally has free time.. After two or three days of lawton, my great grandfather carried chrysanthemum fragrance and her red wooden case with a horse. Chrysanthemum fragrance, a stay until the end of the year will come, belly also gradually grew up, gave birth to a boy on a cold night. After the boy was born, chrysanthemum fragrance washed her face with tears all day long and did not nurse her son. her great-grandmother nursed her. Two grandfathers have since broken milk, crying all day long with hunger, getting thinner and thinner day by day.. Chrysanthemum fragrance out of the moon, must go back to the husband’s family, but cried and refused to leave. Chrysanthemum incense’s husband’s family came and she and her red box were carried away by people. The parting cry was really worrying. The autumn wind howled and tears flooded her heart. Only she knew what she was waiting for.. Juxiang’s husband is the county magistrate of Anyuan County. He had a new love. He heard that the woman had written a good word and Juxiang should have gone to court earlier. Chrysanthemum fragrance survived the year in the supercilious look and gossip of her sister – in – law, hoping that her family would take her back to see her son. But the snow was rolling all over the sky and the snow blocked the way. Poor chrysanthemum fragrance ended her young life by swallowing opium in waiting and loneliness.     Grandmother had another son, she took care of this son, what’s more, this son is clever and handsome, especially attractive, and he has always been the apple of the eye of the family.. He was my three grandfathers, and her grandmother was doubly caring. Two grandfathers were suddenly left out. Later, the great-grandfather gave two grandfathers to the second great-grandfather who had no son..     After a few years, great-grandmother’s parents-in-law died one after another and repeatedly told great-grandmother to bring up three grandfathers well before she died.. In fact, the parents’ worries are redundant, and outsiders don’t know the big secret. All the neighbors thought that Grandmother Three was her own, and Grandmother Three kept her mouth shut until she died. She said when she saw someone: ” I can enjoy the blessing of my third son, do great things outside, and always buy some food and drink for Old Niang when I go home. I have a pain that depends entirely on him.”. Great – grandmother’s and great-grandfather’s mother-son relationship is really difficult to express in words.     And this stone house took in many fleeing poor people in those miserable years.. After the liberation of the country, the great-grandparents moved into the county seat with the three grandfathers, who worked in the county’s armed forces department. The old couple also enjoyed a few days of happiness. However, the great-grandfather who toiled all his life was paralyzed by a stroke and died. The tenacious great-grandmother was still busy looking after her great – grandchild, who was eighty-four years old and died of a stomachache..     As time flies through the world, the sound of good great-grandmother will be forgotten by her children and grandchildren, but her conduct is like blood seeping into the blood of her descendants. Therefore, although her descendants are ordinary, they are tenacious and kind..