A happy family

He is 71 years old this year and has four children, including one daughter, three sons and the eldest daughter, who is a middle school teacher. He is 49 years old this year and has spent her best youth on a small three-foot platform. Her students have entered the first-level school in batches, and some have entered the society. Some of them have become the leaders of some important departments, and she is still standing on her platform as usual, fulfilling her dream of teaching good books and educating good people as a backbone teacher of municipal disciplines.. Her husband is also an excellent middle school teacher, who has been rewarded by the municipal government many times, and her son is also so excellent. At the age of 18, he worked and lived as a table tennis coach in the developed coastal cities, with generous treatment and happy life, so that his smile always permeated his face. As a post – 90s generation, he developed a kind, open – minded, cheerful and capable character, sunny and handsome, so wherever he is, he will have a high return rate, and he is also a very friendly person, with respect and respect for both primary school students and many older people..     The eldest son worked hard in the bank every day and made countless money from him, but he never made any mistakes. Calmness is the main part of his character. This character also made him dream of becoming a good bank clerk. The eldest daughter-in-law is also a middle school teacher. As a teacher in charge of class, she spent a lot of time with students every day, almost every day she came to school early. Every child in the class knows everything about her study and life. Like Xu Xiaohui of a single parent family, she was very calm after school and rarely communicated with people.. My son is a college student, studying animation design. Wen Wen quietly looks like a girl, white, with sharp fingertips and tall stature. He now has more than one meter and eighty, and he graduated this year with a myopic lens. He will be leaving in Zhongguancun, Beijing, in July. This is the eldest son’s family..     The second son’s family is in Xinjiang, and his daughter-in-law works in the cosmetics store. He works outside all the year round. As a design engineer, he spends a lot of time running all over the country. Because factories or pipelines and bridges are built all over the country, he spends a lot of time outside and has very limited time with his family. The family relies on his daughter-in-law to take care of the children. Even though this is the case, the daughter-in-law and the children are still as happy as they are now single and have their own design companies, busy with orders and business, and busy with their own affairs every day.. Mom and dad also smiled after hearing this and said, ” That’s good, then we would be at ease if we went to see Marx.”.     Under the guidance of the good policy of reform and opening to the outside world, every family is happy and happy. Seeing such a harmonious family, the 70 – year – old man smiled happily. He said, ” I am the oldest living person from your grandfather’s generation, and your grandfather couldn’t put on food at that time. In my life, I really caught up with the good time, eating rice and flour every day is a common meal, dumplings and other kinds of meat are eaten whenever I want, and I don’t want to cook and eat outside every day.. Look at my physical fitness now, there is no problem living for another ten years and eight years, and we are even happier after listening to it, saying: the day is so good now, you and my mother live to be 100 years old and there is no problem, and every year our family can also travel to scenic places during the holidays. where are we going this year, dad? Dad said, I heard that Xishuangbanna’s tropical rain forest landscape is good. Let’s go there first. We all said no problem. We’ll go in a few days.