Alone hurts god, and night quietness hurts bosom

Night is the world’s night. Good night is your peace? Overtime to night, exhaustion of body and mind, but no drowsiness. Through reading notes, I accidentally saw su Shi’s words, ” outside the swing wall in the wall.”. Wall layman, wall beauty smile. Laugh gradually without hearing the sound gradually, but affectionate people are mercilessly annoyed’. Can’t help but for this small endowment emotional appeal heart, dongpo also have impetuous time. I also like Ouyang Xiu’s ” courtyard deeply” to participate in the recent recent butterfly lovers bill.? Willow pile of smoke, curtain without weight. Yu Le Diao Saddle You Ye Chu, Zhang Tai Road Not Seen from Building Height. The rain is sweeping across the wind, March is dusk, the door covers the evening, and there is no plan to stay in spring.. Tearful eyes asked flowers not to speak, and red flew over the swing.. Reading makes people want to look for dreams, dreams of the apricot blossom and misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, dreams of the deep moonlight in the courtyard. Perhaps, saints and mortals alike, everyone has a source of smoke and rain in the south of the Yangtze River and peach blossoms in his heart.. This Jiangnan can let people peel off from reality and temporarily forget their troubles. This taoyuan mountain is a couple, a small courtyard by the stream, with crowing of chickens and barking of dogs every day and moving of bamboos in the night … ah, turn off the lights, close your eyes and sit there quietly, feeling like wandering air, moving from place to place with breathing.. I’m afraid of the dark, but I love the quiet of the night, so quiet that you feel that the world really belongs to you at this moment.. Although the eyes are closed, the street lamp outside the window can still let people feel the light and mottled light, just like the stars in the sky when I was a child, there is no xinghai like a firefly in the city.. When I was a child, my mother always had endless farm work, transplanting rice during the day and cutting wheat at night. Knowing that I was afraid of the dark, she put me on the cut wheat straw pile.. Looking at the stars all over the sky, my ears are full of the sound of ” hula shout” made by my mother’s sickle as she shuttles through the straw, and my voice is getting farther away. I know my mother is also farther away from me.. The stars in the sky are no longer the lights in fairy tales, but the fire that flies down, stabbing my eyes, and the small straw pile is the helpless bamboo raft on the sea, bumping up and down … ah, I covered my eyes, curled up, did not dare to cry, only sobbing softly and mumbling to my mother.. In fact, I didn’t have to be so afraid at that time, because my mother wouldn’t leave me far away, and she would come back to move me forward every time she cut a piece.. In retrospect, the stars were still made of dew in the childhood sky, flooding my mother’s big eyes and wetting my little face … Ah, now, 20 years later, only memories of childhood are beautiful. Although I am still so afraid of the dark, I still yearn for a safe hug, but my mother is old and so thin that I can’t be the crying child.. If possible, I hope that time will slow down and I can return to the short old house in my childhood and sit with my parents in the sunset. My father still sings that sentence, ” The star or the star, the moon or the moon …” My mother still looks at the shadow moving with the song on the wall, brimming with laughter, and my sister still lies in her arms, shaking her thick big braid hanging on her chest. I also squeeze the prickly heat around her neck with my nails, gently, one after another, each squeeze, my mother shrinks her neck … Ah, I don’t know if my parents are old in the future and afraid of the dark at night.? I think, I hope I won’t go far at that time, I also have a big hug, as warm and smiling as a child.. Alone hurts god, and night quietness hurts bosom. Am I too emotional? In life, we are all so strong and busy, but once we stop, why don’t we yearn for a small courtyard full of childhood romance?? ‘ my path is full of petals — I have swept it for no others, my thatch gate has been closed — but opens now for you. Du Fu is eager to live alone in Huanhuatang with a state of mind of isolation from the rest of the world, and to live a life with mountains and rivers. So are we not? The night gradually quieted down and some street lamps went to sleep quietly. In the dark, I moved lightly and fell to the ground silently. I walked to my dream. 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