Brother and Paper Aircraft ( Revised Edition )

Every time I arrive at the airport, I have a deep touch and always think of my brother. My first flight was from Zhengzhou to Xiamen. After the plane took off, I sat in the cabin seat, pulled a thin book from my briefcase, tore off several sheets of paper, and carefully folded up the paper plane. I thought to myself how good it would be if my brother were still alive! He should be 26 years old now. He is also likely to become a pilot.     I saw more than 20 years ago in front of my eyes. At that time, my brother was a small child with purple cheeks.. The clothes he wears are old clothes of my brother and me, old and wide. He didn’t have snacks or toys, but he showed a smiling face that blossomed happily every day, as if his world was full of happiness.. Elders say our brothers and three younger brothers are the smartest and most polite. His mouth seemed to be covered with honey water, and he greeted his uncle and aunt sweetly, which was very pleasing..     One day after school, I went home with my schoolbag on my back, and my brother was sitting in front of a black-and-white TV watching cartoons. I sat at the door folding up the paper plane. This is what the teacher taught us in class. The assignment that the teacher assigned on that day was that everyone went home to make two paper planes.     The younger brother stared at the TV screen with his eyes fixed on his head and kept laughing hey hey. My hand rubbed white paper and folded it into a very ugly and heavy paper airplane.. My brother caught a casual glimpse of the paper plane in my hand. He quickly moved the wooden stool to my side. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the paper plane in my hand and asked me to teach him. I will slowly open and flatten the finished paper plane and teach him hand in hand. He had a high understanding and learned it after learning it again. The crumpled white paper quickly flips in his hand and folds into a beautiful paper airplane in a twinkling of an eye.. He took it and threw it around the house. The paper plane flew forward through the bright light in the room and finally circled to the ground. Since then, my brother has enjoyed folding paper planes.     It was the day after the autumn harvest, and the noon sun shone on the quiet village. My yard is basking in Huang Cancan’s corn cobs. Packets of newly picked cotton are also piled in the sun. Our family is having lunch and there is a buzzing sound in the sky. We looked up and saw a plane flying very low, and we could clearly see the huge fuselage and wings. It is flying over the village and slowly heading west. Brother immediately threw his rice bowl and chopsticks on the table and flew out. He ran after the plane and ran through the village lane to catch up with the field.. As he ran, he shouted, ” The plane … ah the plane …” We all thought my brother was crazy. Mother worried that he might fall or bump into the wall, chasing behind him with his rice bowl and shouting his name to stop him. But he lifted up his face and looked at the plane running, as if he had heard nothing. His feet seemed to be stepping on a hot wheels and chasing the plane at full speed..     The plane slowly flew in the blue autumn sky, casting a shadow on the ground and quickly dumped its brother in the open field. My brother stood on the ridge of the field foolishly and looked up at the plane disappearing in the sky.. He came back in full head and sweat and told his mother that when he grew up he would become a pilot, fly a plane and fly around in the sky.     Soon, the villagers all knew their brother’s dream. People poked fun at him when they saw him and called him a little pilot. Once grandma came to my house, she looked at her brother and said she had seen a pilot long ago. Most pilots have a pair of yellow eyes with bright eyes and long arms, while their younger brother also has yellow eyes and long arms and is very suitable for being a pilot.. After hearing this, he was ecstatic and danced, and everyone said grandma said she was suitable for being a pilot.. He also begged his father to send him a plane toy on his birthday a month later. Father agreed on the spot and said he would buy him a toy plane with batteries that could fly in the air..    The younger brother folded several paper planes every day and looked forward to his father’s birthday present day and night.. He often told us at the dinner table that when he grew up, he would become a pilot and take us to a fun place in a plane. However, his brother died unexpectedly without waiting for his birthday.! He walked so suddenly and calmly. He still pestered me like a copycat that morning. He looked alive and kicking. By four or five o’clock in the afternoon, his body was already stiff.. I took his cold hand to call him and call him, but he lay still and did not respond. I put his favorite paper airplane and favorite sandwich biscuit in front of him, and he still looks sleepy. He was accompanied into the funeral that day by cookies he liked to eat, new clothes he didn’t wear until New Year’s Day, and a pile of colourful paper planes he folded..     More than 20 years of time seem to be just a snap. After more than 20 years, my brother and I grew up. We seldom mention brother. He seems to have never existed in this world, just a character in our nightmare. We are deluding ourselves! My brother is a permanent hurt in our hearts. We all don’t want to touch the bleeding wound deep inside.     One day our family passed by the airport. Mother said she would like to see the plane, so her brother turned to the airport by car.. Our family stood on the high mound, looking at the airport surrounded by the fence.. I saw a row of silvery-white planes parked on the sparse tarmac, and a plane was about to land slowly. We all thought of our younger brother, the scene of his chasing a plane many years ago, and his dream of becoming a pilot.. Father looked at the plane landing with wet eyes. He said he had a great regret in his life that he didn’t buy a plane toy for his brother.. Mother also remembered what her brother had said. She said that her brother likes folding paper planes and wants to be a pilot when he grows up. My brother said that when he became a pilot, he would take our family on a plane to a fun place to travel. Mother said here, our tears burst into our eyes. Mother saw our tears, she wiped the tears out of her eyes and said with a smile, ” Alas, I shouldn’t mention these sad things.”. The past is over. Our family is now living well and will be better in the future.. ‘ I can’t help but weep when I think of these past events. I sat in the cabin and quietly looked at the paper plane I had folded. I like to see my older brother wearing pilot’s clothes with a handsome and capable air.. He was sitting in the cockpit, wearing a helmet headset. He steered the plane with ease. The plane flew in the vast air and headed for a beautiful place..