Father love is a breeze ( prose )

The May of my hometown is warm, not only the mountains are green and the fields are filled with a kind of plump harvest, but the May of my hometown is sweet. There are not only songs and laughter here, but also strong nostalgia around my old house. I came back again from a call from my sister. My old father was ill, anxious and worried, so I couldn’t afford time to appreciate the beauty of my hometown and hurried home. To tell the truth, my father has always been strong and strong. It seems that I am not ready to face his aging. When I hold his skinny hands and see his trembling figure walking, my eyes dance and my heart hurts.. In May without a mother, for the first time, I felt a sense of trepidation and uneasiness. Mothers blessed by their children were smiling happily everywhere. The fragrance of carnations seemed to remind me that my mother had left me for 100 days. This Mother’s Day left me only a remembrance, but the pain of remembrance still kept burning the father’s haggard heart, sadness and loneliness. The father was a mountain in every child’s heart, whether he was handsome, handsome, middle – aged, old and infirm, with the wind and candle burning, the father was strong and the representative of Wei An.. For so many years, I really didn’t examine my old father carefully as if he would never grow old. I didn’t realize that my father in his 80s was really old until he took his father to take a bath one year. He was really old after many years of walking slowly and gasping for breath. Without the company of his family, the bathhouse would refuse such an old man to take a bath and see his father rely on his son like a child. My heart was sore and my father was really old.. My father was a coal miner. The rumbling sound of the mine caused his father’s ears to be deaf. The flying coal dust under the mine caused his father’s lungs to suffer from occupational diseases. The road from home to his father’s work is fifty kilometers, and his father can only come back once a month. In my memory, his father always came quietly in my sleep and walked quietly in my sleep. My father’s days at home were the happiest of my life. His father not only brought me delicious food envied by many friends, but also took me everywhere on his bicycle.. To tell the truth, I didn’t feel much fatherly love, not because my father didn’t love me, my brother and sister were 6 people, and my son should be the father’s favorite son. However, my mother’s more discipline once made me neglect fatherly love, and my son’s carelessness once made me feel ashamed of my old father. Today, when I was a father, a husband, and faced a son who was stronger and taller than me, I realized how sincere fatherly love was, how deep and strong he was, and how inseparable he was.. Some people say that father loves mountains, green mountains are lofty, maternal love is like water and green water gurgling. when I see my old father’s gaunt face, guilt hurts my heart. yes, father love is a wisp of cool breeze, which seems to be looming like that. when we are on the journey of life, facing the test and the moment of danger, the wisp of cool breeze floats to the surface. when we are smooth sailing and happy in life, he silently accompanies us. in fact, father love always accompanies you and me, but he is more erratic, deeper, more subtle,,, father love is the rain of spring.. Father is the towering mountain in my heart. Father’s love is a wisp of cool breeze in my heart..