A chastened man gains wisdom

People, who is not a silly time. He always said that he did not believe in climbing the sky at one step. How could he ask for trouble today?? It’s been the third class for five years. I thought I would establish a different way of communication with them from other teachers, that is, open class and interesting study, and think they have accepted my teaching methods.. But reality is my best teacher, and the end result is that they haven’t changed a bit. What they should or should not learn is what they should do.. This virtually tells me that other people really can’t be changed by themselves, and I don’t want to change other people any more, because besides this, there was the one last night.. Last night, while we were preparing for the row dance, the girl who took us to the dance suddenly said that she could not dance with us, so only the four of us were left to do this dance. It’s okay, then let’s do it. Anyway, we’ve already learned this dance, and the four of us are taught by a teacher. The movement should be much less running-in time and more tidy.. As a result, trouble came. The four of us are roommates who know each other very well, while the former leaders were outside the class and they listened to her very much. But now, we need a backbone. I don’t like being controlled by others, so I take the initiative to act as a backbone. However, it was only then that we found out that everyone’s attention was not focused, they looked from left to right, and there were many opinions when talking about actions. Three people in a single action have three directions and each said they were right.. I told them that we should keep in order and choose a direction as our standard action. At this time, I did not speak, or I said ” casually.”. casual? This is my own business? Are you big ye or Buddha? Whatever it is, just listen to me. I chose the direction to the left, and as a result, there was a man muttering and complaining, and I was angry and said to her, Just let you say, you don’t say, now ask you again, which side did you choose, so she lowered her head, it would be night, and the light was above her head, so her whole face was buried in the darkness, and I couldn’t see her expression, but it must not be good.. At last she said, look ahead. So I followed her words down and set the direction directly. After I was fierce, they cooperated a lot. Soon, a dance was finished. I asked them, are they confident? Without confidence, we will jump again, with confidence, we will dissolve, and they looked at each other, so I counted down, ” 321, no? Let’s go. ‘ is dissolved. In fact, if only the dance movements are not unified, I will not do so. The biggest problem is their procrastination.. In the countryside, the groups are different, and the busy degree is different. Their logistics team will have nothing to do after the meal is finished. However, our newsgroup will have to issue papers all day, especially at that time and at night, and we will have to revise the papers and arrange the papers on various websites, which is very tedious and takes a lot of time. What about them, they will drag their feet and walk around in the east and west when they come to practice dancing, and talk to this for two sentences. That will be the same even if I call out loud next to them.. I’m really angry. The most difficult thing to change in this world is’ others’. It is true that I am wrong, so I will devote my time and energy to myself in the future. This truth has long been known to oneself, why do you still persist in not understanding and always have hope for others?? The best way to get along is not to have hope for others.