A man walks in the wilderness

Many years ago, I walked alone in the wilderness, just like I am now, enjoying the loneliness and loneliness of the night. I and my ethereal shadow, stubbornly moved to the depths of the wasteland. I forgot the cities, villages, the world of mortals and the floating crowd behind me, but I finally walked out of the wasteland and lived or felt the same kind of life as people on the edge of the city.. I know this idea is almost naive, but my only reason is to prove that all evasion is a kind of resistance. In the city, my eyes are often wet with mist.     It was an extremely ordinary autumn. Under the northwest sky, my figure was monotonous and lonely, just like my soul now has no place to follow.. I closed the hard security door, left my house under house arrest behind, and happily headed for the boundless sand sea. It was a long and difficult journey. Strangely, I didn’t feel tired. My heart was surrounded by a joyful tide.. I know that my departure is a good relief. How wonderful it is to stay away from the crowd and be alone in the wilderness. When I reached the edge of the desert, my eyes poured on the frozen sand waves. I was questioning my soul. Do you really want to go in?? When I finally got the exact answer, I lifted gai’s feet decisively.     I walked very hard, the soft silver sand was like cotton wool, and my feet were deep. I felt that this was not just an adventure. In a sense, I was completing my dream of surpassing myself or others.? I don’t know. My figure wanders in the sand sea, like a tiny tadpole, death or birth is beyond my control. The only thing I can do is to let the wind-like soul spread its wings. I can’t see a tree, a plant of grass, a kind, it’s a real loneliness. I opened all the heart windows and let the cool desert wind pass through my chest. While I was enjoying myself, I saw a flock of bird nephews sweeping through the desert like dense raindrops. Then, the world was silent, only my heart beat. That was my soul’s footsteps, crossing the wilderness or something.     At last I was tired and fell on the boundless sand sea. I looked up at the sky and held silver sand in my hand. I felt slippery. In addition, I also feel the real emptiness. I know that at this moment, I am the core of the wasteland. I am talking to the wasteland with my soul, just like now, I am hiding in the depths of the night and listening to the sound of the passage of time.. At that time, I seemed to forget everything, honor, status, dignity and money, as if completely changed. The rare quietness and freedom convinced me once again that sometimes I had to get out of the crowd and chew something on the wasteland of time..     I was a little scared when the sun went over my head. I just found out that I am still a common man. Taking advantage of the light, I have to walk back, walk back to the crowd, walk into the world of mortals, and live in the way of people on the edge of the city or enjoy the same kind of life.. So, I quickly got up from the sand, and my steps were urgent and flustered.. I’m afraid of death. I’m afraid I can’t be born after death. I’m back in the city. In the days away from the wasteland, I ponder the joy and satisfaction of walking on the wasteland..     On such a deep night, I understand more and more that I am denying myself day by day and finally being eroded by the world of mortals.. 1000 words