A warm blue, stretching . ah

Last night, the westerly winds swept over and all silence disappeared.   Cherish in the heart hit full.   Pull up the quilt corner, cover the top, close your eyes, and still dream and wake up.     A night’s sleep.   Open sleepy tired eyes, bright sunshine flashing on eyelashes. Heart feel a captivating smile.   Another sunny day!   Last night’s nightmare had already disappeared.     Walking out of the door, the sun is happy with you. Footsteps are also brisk as flying.   Looking up to heaven, the sun is really dazzling. Cover your eyes with your hands, still glittering in front of you.   You said,’ It’s good to have sunshine! ”.   Suddenly remind of your smiling face in the sunshine. That smile is more brilliant than the sun, always makes me drunk in absence, and then blushes for it.. Because you said,’ Your smile is warmer than the sun! But dreams always wake up. On a sunny day, you don’t see it.     I only wander alone. Wandering in the purple forest, outside the bamboo forest and beside the stream that we once walked through.     The sun now followed me into the purple forest, only to find that it was Xiao Suo’s old shadow.   Close your eyes, once purple peremptory eyes; Open your eyes, everything is disconsolate. Only the sigh of the wind and the cold winter are around.   The sun is still smiling, but the heart is gloomy and gloomy like a shadow.     Quiet road, silently walking.   On both sides of the road, dry branches swayed in the slight wind. Eyes touch every tree shadow, lonely and born from the heart.   Stretched out his hand and gently stroked the withered, yellow and dry tree body, counting its messy texture and streaking through the mark in his heart.. Eyes drooped, only to find that the dead leaves had fallen into mud in the soil at the foot, leaving only a few pieces of debris..   Heart inexplicable want to cry. I don’t want to think about it, but I miss you.   Once we came here, you picked up a dead leaf and placed it in your palm.   When the wind blows, the dead leaves seem to have a aura in your hands, like withered butterflies flapping their yellow wings. The sun at that moment surrounded you warmly. I saw you crouching down in the golden halo and burying the withered and yellow leaf in the earth. Then patted the mud on the hand, stood up and walked forward silently.   The sun has followed you all the time, spilling over your back. I saw many butterflies flying in the light and shadow.     Now, I’m standing here again. All over the ground, leaves have become mud. But I can’t find your breath any more.     The wind rustled through my ears, and I thought my heart would be cold to the bottom. Who knows? The wind messed up the hair and stirred the softest thoughts in my heart.   Swept your hair behind your ears and suddenly remembered that your gentle hand tied up a long braid for me. ‘ so as not to be disturbed by the wind! ‘ you stroked my soft hair, smile Tian Tian.  Now my hair is messy, but I don’t have your warmth.   Long hair swept behind the ears. A gust of wind was blowing and messy, so I no longer had to take care of it. Because I’m so afraid of pulling a wisp of moss and pulling out thousands of wisps of missing for you.     Against the wind. At least the sun warms me, at least at that moment I will leave you behind.   Today is a rare good day! I silently sigh from my heart.   Bathed in the sun, I whirled in the wind. I saw the sun shining on my hair, and for a moment warmth seemed to extend into my heart through my hair tips..     Go forward, the sun still follows, not to hide.   Outside the bamboo forest, I came here again before I knew it. A piece of yellow but desolate reflected in the eyes.   Looking at the dense yellow bamboo forest and listening to the subtle bamboo sounds in the wind, it seems that the long-lost music sounds like your gentle whispers’ When it’s fine, come out for a walk and exercise” Your words pass between bamboo joints and pass to my ears, my heart.   I got it..   So I often get up early, run and breathe fresh air. Come here to find your footprints and feel your breath.   To this day, I still get up early, run here to exercise, or look for you. Just like touching this withered and yellow bamboo branch now, the hands are cool and cool all the way to the bottom of my heart.. I know there is no warm you. Only as a special kind of forget, or a habit.     Tired, sitting at the brook outside the bamboo forest.   Quietly watching the stream flow far away. See for a long time, chi.   Thought you were there. Clearly see the reflection of you and me in the stream. inexplicable palpitations.   Stare big eyes.   The wind blew the hair but fascinated the line of sight. Rapidly glancing at the development silk and looking into the water, there was only my quiet figure shaking. You have vanished into thin air, like a dream. Open your eyes, but you stay in your dream and no longer breathe with me in the same time and space.   Heart inexplicable pain, pain for a long time, has been numb nerves. It was not until I felt the sunlight shaking in front of me that I woke up..   Just get up and try to catch the sun’s hand, it still gives me strange tenderness.     After a long time of wandering and searching, the sun has reached the top of the head. According to the head of some hair ache, slightly wind has left behind in the bamboo forest.   Slightly sweat came out. Hurriedly to wipe, stretched out his hand but stopped in the air. Your gentle hand once brushed my face and dried the sweat for me.   Later, run slowly, dry the sweat and learn to take care of yourself … ” Your warm words sounded in your ears again.   This time I didn’t cry, just remember to learn to take care of myself.   I tried hard to dry my face, not to leave a drop of glittering and translucent material there. Because I know that in the absence of you, the sun will still rise and I will still breathe happily.   So I drew a big smiling face to the sun behind me and gave myself more courage to walk out of the bitter Yin raccoon dog.     The sunshine on the back is comfortable and warm, and the purple forest is far behind the bamboo forest..   Looking up to heaven, the sky is a warm blue, stretching … ah