Ask the world what love is?

The ancient bell has fallen, the shadow of the years has been heard, the old mountains and rivers still have several people weeping, the wind rustling and the rain raining, as if they were still looking for the tears of the beauty in the love of mountains and rivers..     The west wind of the ancient road disappeared the thin horse, and the wind was blazing fast only for who, who are you and who are my love, and a whole piece of love finds your outstanding posture.!     The flowers bloom and fall, and you will never forget. You hesitated in the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty for a few days to settle down.. Why do you have to struggle with deep feeling and misty rain?? But the victim Huang Ying called your heart to flow? Oh, I almost forgot that you were born in love for a thousand years, but you came to me just because you provoked troubled times and repeated several times..     Am I lucky or sorry to freeze you or let you sing? Maybe you’re tired, too. How do I also drunk? As if the water in the West Lake had also become my tears, I was worried about hurting the white lady’s heart and disrupting the deep and remote dream.!     Love is meaningless. Your figure is not just in my dream. But I also long to hope that the most romantic thing will float into your dream water village and borrow a long pole from Xu Zhimo. It will not be urgent or slow to make it into your Wuzhen memory.. I want to ask you if you could have been to your hometown when you worked in the south of the Yangtze River.? Whether or not a wisp of love is left is exactly what you found, so I can smell the king’s love on you for a long time.!     Time is the inexorable running water, and your deep love is not afraid of the sorrow of the years. I also wish to be the diligent bee and interpret the infinite meaning of love with you within the time limit of life.! The sunset has not yet set in the west, and the end of the world is missing. If you ask me why I am persistent? Days of wasteland are old, and lovers are endless!     A drop of tears from the Tang Dynasty crossed into my heart, and I became clear about your world. The beauty of the Tang Palace was once a whole country for you.! Then why are you so persistent? All the way round, why did you choose me to be your love on the top of your heart? surely it doesn’t mean that .? I am the woman you love and like poetry?     Maybe, maybe, ha ha, leave him alone. Since you’re here, stay with me. I don’t care who you are in the past, and it’s meaningless to dream about who you are in the next life.? I only care about you now. Dial a curtain of raining rain, I counted how much I felt, my heart was hurt, tears poured into the river, and asked what the world felt like.? The deep-rooted feeling of heaven and earth was originally only listening to the rain through the windows..