Effective method of whitening they make you more white

What are effective whitening has always been a matter of great concern to the girls, I believe we also have to know a little, but you know those really work the following small series to bring effective method of whitening for everyone they make you more white!An effective method of whitening a。 Bath About one thousand milliliters of milk into the hot water, stir until translucent。 When the milk bath, add a few drops of rose oil feel better。 If using powdered milk, powdered milk should be first in proportion to the time of drinking brew good then poured into the bathtub to avoid the phenomenon of milk powder caking。 In addition, it should be cleaned promptly after milk bath tub。
Recommended soaking time of 15-20 minutes。 Milk cream, natural vitamins and minerals have the effect, not only can prevent, repair dry skin, but also make the skin more smooth, delicate, white。
It contains enzymes can also play inflammation, swelling and soothing effect。 two。
Tom slag bath will drink green tea or drink the tea bag 3-5 bag and put it into stockings or cotton cloth bag, then the bag into the tub of hot water injection is recommended soak time of 10-20 minutes。
Select coarse tea can, usually once required about 250 grams。
However, should choose a more moderate pH of tea, too acid or too alkaline will be detrimental to the skin。
Effective Whitening Method Three。
Fresh potato juice has a good skin care, face care effectiveness。
Fresh potato juice applied directly to the skin, whitening effect is very significant。
Potato juice stain to remove the effect is obvious, obvious whitening!And no side effects。
It can also get rid of the potato!four。 Eat more?Much food。