Cool in the sun

In the summer of the city, there was a fire everywhere, and the sun scorched the earth like crazy, as if to dry all the water in the earth. People walked in the sun like a towel almost dried, almost out of breath by the transpiration of the earth temperature..   My wife and I were riding an electric car on the road, and my eyes were almost unable to open under the sun. Originally, I had a pair of sunglasses. I didn’t know when a screw was dropped, and the lens drooped without fixing the screw so that it could no longer be used. I threw it in the trunk and said to fix it many times, but I forgot it in the end.. So I can only squint and carry my wife home in the scorching sun.   At this time, there were few people on the road except a few car seat sellers who were lazily hiding in the shade by the side of the road. Only people like me who needed to travel occasionally passed by.. When I went to century avenue, I saw an old man sitting on the side of the road at a distance. A closer look revealed that he was selling glasses. He was sitting on a pony stool with his back against the sun. Behind him was an old bicycle, in front of which was a wooden’ glasses stand’ full of sunglasses and presbyopic glasses.. He wore a military blue shirt, with a sparse white beard dotted on the lower part of his dark face. His face was oily or sweaty, appearing smooth and bright.. His eyes did not look straight ahead or look left and back in order to look for business opportunities, but bent slightly and watched the glasses stand, almost becoming speechless, as if this could reduce the sun’s scorching.   I quickly stopped the electric car and said to him, ” old man, you don’t fix your glasses, such as adding a screw or something.”? You can bring it to me and have a look! He looked up at me and said with a smile.   I got off and opened the trunk, took out my glasses and handed them to him. He took the glasses and didn’t speak. He went straight to the toolbox to pick up a screw, carefully gesticulated, took out a screwdriver, screwed the screw up, and handed it to me without extra trouble..   I was very grateful and asked, ” old man, how much does this cost?”? He looked at me and said, ” No money! I said,’ how can that be done? you are so hard in the sun! I felt three coins on my body and handed them out. He hurriedly said, ” forget it, what does a screw cost?”. ‘ and I handed the money to block back in the past.   I said, ” You are so hard that you can’t fix my glasses for nothing.”! Just put three coins on his glasses stand. He immediately got up from the pony stool and put three coins in my front basket.   I saw that he was determined not to, so I thanked him and left on an electric car..   Walking on the road, I was wearing sunglasses that the old man had just fixed for me. Black blocked the world and blocked the poisonous sunshine from my sight, making me feel a little cool and refreshing.. But I always see old man’s army blue shirt, white beard and dark and glossy face in my eyes, and feel like I owe him something. I said to my wife sitting in the back, let’s go back and buy him a pair of glasses! Wife say forget it, you don’t have a pair of glasses! Who do you buy to wear? Besides, the weather is so hot, we hurry back to rest for a while and it’s hot!   I thought for a moment and felt that my wife said the same thing. Buying another pair was completely redundant and the weather was really hot, so I didn’t insist and rode back on an electric car..   Later, when I passed through century avenue, I didn’t see the old man selling glasses again. Maybe he was a mobile vendor, changing places with one shot.   He brought me a cool piece in the hot sun, but I couldn’t bring him a cool piece. I felt a little sorry.. In addition to regret, only thanks. Thank you, but also wish him a better life and all people like him a better life..