Chinese Overseas: Mexico eat roast duck master for 21 years uncovering delicious coup

Overseas Network January 3 electric Speaking of Beijing roast duck, we first thought is its shiny red skin, a Mexican restaurant in the neck duck master Sun Zhang said, want this delicious crispy skin, it takes at least five hours over time, duck hot skin, this step is critical, duck hot bad, oil will go up, so hot skin is the most critical。 After three steps, duck into the oven, bake for an hour, this process must continue to adjust the position of roast duck, grilled ensure uniform skin color, must be outside and tender inside。
Sun Zhang neck duck has been doing for 21 years, during which a 15-year work in Beijing Quanjude。 "At that time, the Mexican visa officer asked me to go to Mexico to do what I said I wanted to go to Mexico to carry forward the Beijing roast duck, to make authentic Mexican Beijing roast duck, the visa officer looked very happy。
"Sun Zhang collar moved almost a full suite of duck eat: not only Mexicans have some new culinary experience, the Chinese can be a real treat in Mexico City。 Although Beijing roast duck at this restaurant only launched a couple of months, but fame has begun, many customers come specifically for it, Sun Zhang collar duck one day be able to sell more than 30 only。
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