Hospitalization rhapsody

Time flies by without trace. People’s perception of the years is only the change of day and night and the transmigration of seasons. After the passage of time, all we can remember is the things or things of a certain period of time in the past, and we can’t see any traces of the passage of time, so there is no trace of time.. In fact, years are not traceless, they accumulate in people’s growth, depict people’s faces and settle in people’s lives. When you get old and stay at home, you will be more aware of the rapid pace of time. You will lament that the years have gone by in a hurry, regardless of the fact that people get older first.. Spring goes to spring and comes again. People go or not return.     The heart is an important organ of the human body. It is the clock of life and plays the movement of life rhythmically all the time.. However, recently it was found that my life clock has been rusted by years and often stops in seconds. The medical term is’ premature beat’. Not only that, I also felt the occasional colic in the heart area, which attracted my great attention. So I went to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor was very domineering and threw himself at me and immediately issued me a notice of hospitalization, saying that he was going to be hospitalized for a comprehensive examination.. I was completely overwhelmed and had no psychological preparation at all. I thought: After all, I might not be able to walk out as soon as I came in, so my life is over and I can’t give an account of my affairs yet.! Time flies. Life is like a dream!     My fans stared at me in hospital, and the nurse led me into my ward and lay in my hospital bed.. This is the first time I have ever been hospitalized and one of my most taboo things, perhaps the last time in my life. Can’t, years heartless, life He Nai? Perhaps hospitalization is not a bad thing, just as cars enter the factory for better maintenance and the clock needs to be oiled for better operation, hospitalization is also to provide health care to the increasingly poor body so as to facilitate the normal swing of the life clock.. May God bless me and keep me alive. Years passed, although you changed my appearance, but don’t reduce my life, let my precious life continue with you slowly, and describe the wonderful scenery of life together … ah, I was once an idealist and had no fear of death.. When he joined the army, he vowed to devote his youth to defending his motherland. When he joined the Party, he vowed to fight for communism for life. But now, when natural life is about to go by crane fairy, there seems to be some worry.. But it is not fear of death, but mixed with a few infatuation. The infatuation with the world of mortals, the infatuation with relatives and friends, and the infatuation with a better life. Not afraid of death, but don’t want to die, most can be said to be greedy for life, all living things are like this, no wonder.     I was hospitalized for four days and did various examinations, such as stool examination, urine examination, routine blood biochemical examination, color Doppler ultrasound, cardiac imaging, kidney B ultrasound, brain nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.. The final diagnosis was mild coronary heart disease. It turns out that years have deposited carbon in my body’s engine in this way, leaving an indelible mark and fettering the normal swing of my life clock..     Being admitted to a hospital is a real patient. Even if you are still alive and kicking like a healthy person, you must also lie in a hospital bed and receive treatment programs such as injections and drops of liquid.. The second day of hospitalization was the most unforgettable and crazy day for me. At about 9: 00 a.m., a male nurse came to my bedside with a gurney, saying that she was going to take me to’ lead in the operation department’ for cardiac imaging diagnosis. I said I could go without gurgling.. The paramedics refused to let me go. They also called in several nurses to help me and ordered me to abide by the hospital regulations and press me on the gurney.. The operation department is on the third floor. We enter the elevator from the eighth floor. There are many people wearing white coats in the elevator.. After I was pushed into the elevator, the doctors took the initiative to flash to the other side of the elevator and stand in front of my wheel bed. At this point, the elevator was filled with a quiet and serious atmosphere, and no one spoke. In order to ease this awkward atmosphere, I could not help but speak. I asked them what the scene looked like? A female doctor asked me what I looked like? I said goodbye to the body. She said no, the body is missing at least a piece of white cloth from me. She also added that I can’t die. People who are dying have lost their sense of humor without breaking their breath.. She reassured me that I would live a long life! In the midst of everyone’s ha ha laugh, the elevator door on the third floor opened and the doctors nodded to me in unison.. In my opinion, this is clearly the ” walk all the way” sign-like farewell ceremony.     The door was closed and I couldn’t get in. The nurse told me that the first person I went in needed to install an arterial stent, and it took me a little longer to wait patiently for a while.. So I was pushed into an empty house to rest and wait. The door’ crashed with a clash’ was closed by the caretaker, leaving me lying flat on the wheel bed in the room, silent and chilly, unable to hear the outside voice, not like in the world at this time and place, but like paradise in the west..I suspect that the paramedics did not push me to do cardiogram, but pushed me directly into the morgue..     At last it was my turn, and I was carried to the operating table. The doctor disinfected my right hand, then did local anesthesia at the artery of the wrist, where the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine felt the pulse, and then stuck a long plastic needle into my artery. Despite the anesthesia, I still felt a sharp pain.. I took a peek and found that the long plastic needle was as thick as a normal sweater needle and was about 20cm in length.. At this point, I closed my eyes and never looked at it again. I honestly lay on the operating table and let the doctor play with it. Suddenly, there was a burning sensation in my palm and the back of my hand. I knew it must be my blood, which was sprayed through a long hollow plastic needle.. Then I felt the doctor pushing a special rope into my blood vessel. The machine rang on the front and both sides of my chest like taking pictures. Perhaps this is a form of’ cardiogram’. However, I am not interested in this. What I am worried about is the deep red blood gushing from the blood vessels.. I guess there must be a lot of blood in the mouth just sprayed out, otherwise, the area of heat sensation will not be so large. I was worried that the blood would still spray, even gush, until the last drop of blood condensed into a scab and blocked the mouth of the needle, and then a piece of white cloth covered me from head to foot….     Coronary heart disease, the name of the disease sounds really scary, but it is still in a mild stage, not to the point where an arterial stent needs to be installed.. According to the doctor’s instructions, as long as you change your eating habits and do some aerobic exercises properly, the blockage of blood vessels may be improved.. With this conclusion, I went through the discharge formalities.     Years are long and life is short. According to statistics, the average life expectancy of Chinese is only 75 years, or 900 months. The first third is the stage of learning, which passes quickly in ignorance. Most of the time in life should be wasted in the second stage, in which everyone is paving his future with youth.. No matter what fate is, no matter the outcome is good or bad, as long as it takes about 480 months, your essence will be mercilessly hollowed out by the years, marked with the mark of elimination, and will naturally reach the final stage of life.. At this stage, the years will not leave too much time for themselves. The counting of fingers is already less than one third, and the life clock has entered the countdown.. At this moment, you seem to hear the footsteps coming towards you from the terrifying. So, some hesitation inside, and then came up with the complex of love for the world, and the idea of lust for life came into being.. So, I don’t have much time left. The only thing I have to do is to take care of myself according to the doctor’s advice. This may create a miracle and break through the assumption that life is only nine hundred months old. Think of this, my spring heart ripples, confidence is one hundred times. From now on, I want to adjust my mentality, not to race against time, not to ignore the marks of time, but to care about my health and well – being..