I said pure literature

– About my thinking on pure literature now, ” pure literature” has become a topic of great concern and controversy for many writers, literary critics, literary theorists, literary researchers, literary editors and literary publishers.. Among them, there are both professional writers and non-professional writers, including professors, experts and scholars from colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, editors and publishers of pure literary periodicals and publishing companies, as well as famous masters, literary predecessors, literary youth and young scholars. Every one of us has different opinions and opinions, which has caused the literary world to contend with each other.. In particular, some distinguished experts and scholars have made an in-depth study of the current situation of pure literature, and have put forward many effective remedies and solutions to the difficulties faced by pure literature. For the development of pure literature, it puts forward good suggestions and countermeasures. I am very happy that pure literature can attract the attention and attention of so many experts and scholars. In particular, the leadership of the Communist Party of China will now attach importance to cultural construction, regard cultural construction as a soft power of the country, regard cultural construction as the top priority of the powerful nation, and vigorously develop cultural construction.. That’s really good news.     Literature is an important part of cultural construction. The present literature presents multiple colors. As far as the media of literature are concerned, there are several different forms of literature communication, such as paper media literature, film and television literature, audio and video literature and network media literature. Several kinds of literary media are interdependent and each has its own advantages. Pure literature, as the mainstream of literature, once had its glory and reached the peak of an era. Now, pure literature, as the mainstream literature, has almost reached the edge of literature. Nowadays, pure literature has become elite culture and mainstream literature, and has only become owned by a very small number of cultural elites.     Those cultural elites mainly include several types of people: First, cultural celebrities and literary masters. They are often professional cultural workers and literary workers who are engaged in cultural work or literary work and have achieved considerable achievements in the cultural field or literature.. Including intellectuals, writers, writers, poets, literary critics, literary theorists, literary researchers, literary editors, literary publishers, literary managers, literary educators, etc. They often work for cultural institutions, literary and artistic organizations, newspaper editorial departments, publishing companies, colleges and universities, etc. They are engaged in cultural and literary creation, research, editing, publishing and other related work, and have achieved great achievements in various fields.. Among them, there are cultural researchers and professional writers. There are not only literary periodicals, newspaper supplements, literary editors from publishing companies, but also professors and researchers from colleges and universities and scientific research institutes.     Second, Party Committee Propaganda Cadres, National Cultural Officials and Literary Bureaucrats with Certain Administrative Positions and Levels and Ranks or Titles. There are mainly three types of people: first, senior propaganda officials from the propaganda department of the central or local party committees; Second, senior officials of the state department of cultural administration; Third, senior bureaucrats in the central or local literary and art institutions.     China’s pure literature periodicals are often sponsored by the central and local literary associations, writers’ associations, publishing companies, colleges and universities, etc.. Literary journals are controlled by a few cultural elites. Those cultural elites often have an official background – or bureaucrats in official literary and art institutions, or bureaucrats in party and government organs, or writers supported by the government, or editors of literary journals, newspaper supplements, or editors of publishing companies, or professors, experts, scholars in universities, or literary research experts and literary theorists in scientific research institutes, who are often authoritative figures in culture and literature.. They often have the dual or multiple identities of bureaucrat and writer or bureaucrat and editor.. Pure literature journals have become the world of a few cultural elites.     At present, pure literature is facing an embarrassing situation – on the one hand, China’s pure literature is not booming, on the other hand, Chinese pure literature journals are controlled by a few elites, and those cultural elites, cultural celebrities and literary masters not only have the convenience of publishing pure literature works, but also have the advantage of publishing books at public expense.. Those elites, cultural celebrities and famous writers often get rich payment after they publish their books. Because those elites, cultural celebrities and famous artists are often not only famous writers, but also bureaucrats or editors, they have the right to work and publish a book and often can get sky-high fees. On the other hand, it is difficult for most ordinary writers to publish their pure literary works. All kinds of literary awards sponsored by the Chinese Writers’ Association, whether they are Lu Xun Literature Prize, Mao Dun Literature Prize, Ding Ling Literature Prize, Ba Jin Literature Prize, Guo Moruo Poetry Prize, National Government Prize or various literary awards sponsored by local cultural associations, writers’ associations and cultural departments of the national government, tend to value famous writers and poets rather than those ordinary writers and poets.. Those writers who won the national literary awards will often be well-known writers or official writers – either the president of the provincial federation of writers, the president of the provincial writers’ association, or the vice-president of the federation of writers, the vice-president of the provincial writers’ association, or the secretary and deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, or the party secretary and deputy secretary of the big cities.. In short, those winners are often either very prestigious or very status and identity. There are so many writers in China who have made great achievements in literary creation and have not held any leadership positions in literature and art, as well as leadership positions in party and government organs and social positions, and several have won national and local literary awards? On the one hand, it is a cultural elite, a cultural celebrity, and a literary master, who has a high position, wealth and power, belongs to a successful person and is a wealthy class. On the other hand, for ordinary writers, it is difficult to publish pure literary works and to publish them.. As a mainstream writer, the greater the fame, the higher the status, the more convenient it is to publish books. Especially those mainstream writers, because of their status, authority and identity, not only can they publish books at public expense, but also often have publishing companies to invite manuscripts at home.. But those who are not famous and not engaged in pure literature not only face many difficulties, not only are they difficult to be understood and supported, they often have no hope of publishing books at public expense, but they also tend to be snubbed, ridiculed and ruthlessly hit by the public.. Publishing books at one’s own expense has become the only way for those unknown writers to publish books.     At present, the propaganda department of the central and local party committees, the national cultural administrative department and the literary and art leading organs have a considerable amount of national financial special funds each year to support writers from all over the country – nominally key writers or powerful and potential writers. in fact, those countries’ special financial funds for literature have also supported several real writers.? The state is a special literary finance, often owned by bureaucrats and mainstream bureaucratic writers. Those bureaucrats and mainstream bureaucrat – writers, either holding senior leadership positions in the propaganda department of the party Committee and the state cultural administration department, or holding leadership positions in the cultural union or writers, or being state-sponsored writers, have the right to a job, a fixed salary for the state, various preferential treatment for the state, and the privilege of enjoying the state’s key support.. Who cares about those poor writers and amateur writers, especially those living in the countryside? At present, many villages have been named as ” culture demonstration town”, ” culture demonstration village”, ” culture famous town”, ” culture famous village” by the local city and county. In fact, they are all for fame and reputation, but they have no reputation.. I heard that there was a town named ” culture demonstration town” of the city county, a village in the town was named ” culture demonstration village”, and there was neither a library nor a library in the village.. I heard that there is a village, in order to evaluate the ” culture demonstration village”, in fact, there are no cultural facilities and no cultural activities in the village. What is interesting is that in order to evaluate the ” culture demonstration village” and bring benefits to the village, village officials went to the city and ordered hundreds of books to be stored in the village’s primary school, which belongs to the village and is neither open to teachers and students in the village’s primary school nor to villagers in the village, which is nominally the village’s library. In fact, all the year round, they are closed for reading..There is a village official in charge of the library. Village officials do not read, nor do they recognize others. The village officials are keen on the honor of ” culture demonstration village”, which is not, of course, a cultural activity in the village – it is not so great for most village officials.. Officials in those villages consider their own actual interests – evaluation of the’ culture demonstration village’, financial capital in the town and financial capital in the city – as long as evaluation of the’ culture demonstration village’, they will have real money. The real money went into the pockets of village officials. Why not? Of course, not every town can be rated as a ” culture demonstration town”. Not every village can evaluate the ” culture demonstration village”. To be able to comment on’ culture demonstration town’,’ and’ culture demonstration village’, there must be quite a relationship in the city. It doesn’t matter, what kind of career is difficult to accomplish. Cultural elites often live in large and medium-sized cities. Especially those cultural elites who have great influence are all living in big cities. Pure literature is owned by the cultural elite in the city. For rural writers and amateur writers, they are often forgotten roles.     On the one hand, pure literature is close to a few cultural elites and away from the public. On the one hand, pure literature is facing difficulties in survival – pure literature is facing many difficulties.     I don’t know when pure literature can be close to ordinary people and become the common property of literary workers and lovers, rather than the exclusive property of cultural elites?