In laughter, I still miss the new year of my old country

Today is the New Year. The day of laughter and laughter.   I also like others, got up early. After getting ready to go, look in the mirror again and stroke the broken hair in front of your forehead.. I gave myself a smile in the mirror, only to find that the smile did not reach the corners of my mouth.     But I still set foot on the journey of New Year in the dark dawn.   Although the journey was not very long, I still walked in the silent dawn for a long time until my feet ached a little..     I stopped to look at the silent street, the street lights flashing, only I was shaking in the blurred light and shadow. I suddenly felt a little distressed.   The world, as if at that moment only I was wandering alone in the street.   I don’t know when, I have become lonely, although I live in the crowd.     If it was in the past, if Dad was still there, I would still lie in bed and watch my busy parents blink at this time of year and month..   At that time, dad was always humming a little song and wandering around the house. The stove was burning brightly, but Dad was still assiduously adding firewood.. The heat in the hut was dense and the smile lingered on our faces..     After the first sound of firecrackers, the steaming dumplings came up, and I just lazily climbed up the kang.   At that time, it was discovered that mom had prepared new clothes for us. The most unforgettable light in parents’ eyes after wearing new clothes. That’s not enough. Mom did magic tricks on my hair again. braided hair, who likes Ma Zha best, jumps over his mother’s wishes wherever he goes..     Outside the window, firecrackers began to continue, laughter also spread in all corners.   Always when the first dumpling was eaten in half, the hut was full of New Year’s greetings.   All smiles, saying auspicious words of New Year’s greetings. After a burst of excitement, the cabin was calm again.   We finished our breakfast again in simple words and laughter.   There will still be many people coming to pay New Year’s greetings.   The cabin was steaming hot, always talking and laughing, and the anger gradually dissipated in the room. The bright red window flower on the window pane also opened its smile.   The small room kept laughing.     Dad also took us to New Year’s Eve.   Walk out of the door, only to find that a happy foot socket has been stepped out of the knee-deep snow. The road mom swept was also covered with stars of snow.   We followed Dad. Dressed in beautiful new clothes and shoes, her mother’s beautiful braided hair was swaying in her hand.. I’m eager to be praised by others.   Happy mood even the snow was infected, and the first ray of sunshine in the morning shone with its golden light..   There was so much warmth on the road that once celebrated the New Year.. With dad’s company and sisters’ laughter. Walking on the road that Mom swept, it seems that happiness has been spreading all the way to the heart. Now, this cold street is so far away from the old country..   Today, this is the New Year, but I can’t find the old smile.     The street lamp is still shining with cold light. It is not shining because of my confusion..   The speeding vehicles were also rolled up with inexplicable sadness.   A person’s shrinking forward, no longer care about my foot pain. Or maybe it’s already cold enough to numb the nerves.     Finally, the sky turned white and I have reached the end of the road. There are already many people there.   People in the street began to come out to pay New Year’s greetings. There is still no your shadow.Because you are also on your way home, just different from me.   In the process of getting closer and closer to home, I put my old country in a distant memory.     I can only smile in the New Year’s wind with these familiar and unfamiliar faces.   Finally stopped this familiar and unfamiliar New Year celebration. But my face was already a little stiff with laughter.     This day is a happy year and laughter continues.     Your arrival, although it was a little late, was a happy smile on her face.   I try my best to look at your smiles and narrow my eyes so as not to let the thoughts in my heart overflow. But in the casual tears broke the line. I only turn around quietly and don’t want you to see it, because today is a happy year.     In laughter, the happy lunch continued.   Listen, you’re talking about a year’s experience and New Year’s expectations, and suddenly you want to escape. But I still sat there, silently holding the food in my mouth, and finally I didn’t know what to eat..   He fills himself up in a daze. I don’t want to be careful about what I eat, because I’m afraid of comparing it with the food I remember.   Quietly nest yourself in the big sofa. Look at the sketch on TV and listen to your chat and laughter. Will also follow your laughter corners of the mouth a curl, said I have no fugue.     You’re still drinking.   The food is cold. You’re still talking and drinking.   At that time, I unwillingly remembered dad pouring two cups of wine. A cup of water was poured on the ground to show piety; A cup of tea and a sip of wine signify a blessing for the New Year.   Always in the light bouquet, dense with the smiles of parents and sisters.   This bouquet really makes me miss it. It has always made me drunk in a happy New Year with parents and sisters.   If I can, how I can’t afford to get drunk.   But my life will continue.     Like now, I’m still here watching you drink and cry. But I know that the bitter tears are actually pregnant with happiness.   At least when you want to cry, you have parents to cuddle up to. At least you can get drunk happily around your parents on the New Year’s Day..   And I can only raise my head firmly, or turn my body around to the streets where no one lives, so that tears will follow the raging cold wind..     Looking at your face flushed with wine and trembling shoulders. I know that it is because of your parents’ hard work that you feel sad.   But did you see the pain in their eyes at that moment!   How I envy you for having parents around me, but I don’t have the distant happiness around me.     Tears clouded my eyes again. But I only let it turn in the rim of the eye and not let it flow to the edge of my eye. Because I’m afraid tears will break the line again.     Always in such a new year, such an atmosphere. Miss clearly has gone far, clearly has been buried deep and very strict, but in an instant it seems to be in front of me..   Tears unwillingly flooded my heart again. Originally I still miss, originally I still hope to have parents around me, but this wish can no longer be realized.   I can only move on.     The wine was finally exhausted and the meal was finished. But laughter still remains.     I got up and went outside.   The yard was flushed with the setting sun, and at that moment I was bathed in the sunset glow..   Raised his head, I saw the new year’s setting sun shining on the top of the tree is also very red. In the red light and shadow, I seem to see the house where my parents and sisters laugh. I stood there for a long time until my feet froze and began to ache..    When I turned my head, I suddenly found that your figure was bathed in the sunlight. The appearance of you drinking wine at that moment had some transparent aperture under the glow of sunlight..   Happy New Year! You said softly.   Warm moments in my heart.   It turns out that I don’t want much, as long as I have a warm greeting, it will be enough!     My tears came again.   But this time I didn’t turn my head. I let tears flow on my face. But you pulled up my hand in the setting sun.