1 minute bad mood rapidly changing social skills

1 minute quick change bad mood of social skills 1.Upright you think this is a cliché, no knowledge?Etc., facts otherwise. Said, to correct the mind before, please correct the body.why?In fact, physiology and psychology are closely related.I believe you should also have had this experience, when the mood low tide, we also often listless, dejected; but when the mood high enough, naturally upright, the swagger.So, indeed inseparable body posture and mental state.  And from another point of view, when a person is upright, breathing becomes relatively smooth, and deep breathing is a recipe for stress management.So when upright, we will feel more able to cope with the pressure, of course, it’s no big deal prone to optimism.In addition, information about the status of the muscle, will return through the nervous system to the brain.As we head high, your brain will receive this message: limbs freely, breathe, appears to be in a very relaxed state, mood should be good.  After the brain also feel good judgment, their feelings will be more relaxed.Therefore, the body posture does affect mood state.If the bow, it is easy to feel frustrated; and if the chest is easy to feel angry.So this method is simple beyond belief, please do not underestimate it, the next time the brain pessimistic thoughts emerge again, quickly adjust posture, upright optimistic mood right out of the heart!  2.Use a pleasant tone comes to talking interpersonal communication, there is a very important reason: the focus is not what we say but how we say it is.How to say the parts, including the intonation, facial expressions and body movements, etc..And people often overlook is that our voices are really expressive.The same word, with a different tone, it might convey a completely different meaning.Do not believe it, please try the following exercise.  A very angry and said: You’re annoying!(By the way, use your facial expressions and tone of the poorest extremely ferocious roar out!) B is said coyly: You’re annoying!(This time you use the most adorable tone, pulling out tail whine.)how is it?I feel completely different?However, many people often do not know their own voice, it is easy to inadvertently leaked mood.For example, someone always answer the phone, the habit of screaming: Hey!It’s that played a magic word, so that the other end of the phone were not open, had to feel each other’s anger.The more outrageous is that, if a boss is calling, a soft tone immediately began to bow and scrape up: Oh, boss, what you told?Mood also will be changed.  3.Use positive positive words, replace negative negative to say what we say, in fact, a great attitude and their emotional impact, I do not know if you noticed?Generally, the words used in daily life can be divided into three categories: positive, negative and neutral words.  First to talk about the negative words, such as: failure difficult issues and so on trouble tension.If you often use these negative words, panic and helplessness feeling began to rise (since there is trouble, except that of feeling bad luck, but also how to do it).We found that optimistic people rarely use these negative words, they will be replaced with positive words.For example, they do not say difficult, but said there are challenges; not that I’m worried about, and that I care about; do not say there are problems, but says there is opportunity.  Whether it feels completely different?Once you start using positive words, positive feeling heart on up, more power to face life, is not it?In addition, optimistic people will put some neutral words, some become more positive.For example, change is a neutral word, because change there may be good, but there might is getting worse.Try, if I need to change, I need to replace the progress, which implies that they are will become more the better, naturally optimistic up.  In fact, so to speak every word needs wondering, just change your negative mantra, positive words into positive, you will immediately feel optimistic happy together.  4.Do not complain, just solve the problem Believe it or not, the study found trouble matters listed optimistic people, much lower than the average person, and they spend time complaining, but also far less than the average person.This gives us what inspired him?  Optimistic people in the face of setbacks, do not take the time to blame Strange East West: He is out of the ghost!Or is this: Why am I always so unlucky?Their common attitude now is no time to complain, because busy to solve the problem.And when we experience less time complaining about it a little more time to progress.  This also explains why optimistic people are more likely to be successful, because their time and effort to improve the situation for ever.Therefore, to cultivate optimism is not difficult, please from now on, the focus of attention from looking back complaining, instead looking forward to solve the problem on the line.Actual practice, it is not to mention the mouth to avoid: Why always me!And with another sentence instead: how to do now would be better?  In the face of disappointments, as long as a significant change in thinking this point, you will find yourself frustration endurance will be greatly enhanced, and more likely to come out from the face of adversity, a happy return.  Note 🙁 Benpian by finishing small series network, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact me, I will take the first deletion process!)