Absolutely hilarious piece, laughing instantly drawn!

Absolutely hilarious piece, laughing instantly drawn!Click on the blue word free subscription, receipt of such information as good as ever, in the morning to buy breakfast every day, the uncle saw a fried egg cake!Uncle, egg cake how much money a?Original one thousand three hundred and eighty, nine hundred ninety-eight price, to see you go to work, no money, forget!Sell it to you three dollars!Ok…  One woman asked: Do you like this husband every day after work and I was drawing near?Her husband said: can the next month, not money!  In the toilet units deserted, suddenly came in leadership, and quickly went into hiding, the results seemed to see the boss, and he looked at me seriously, was about to speak, I immediately ran out, the results came back ten minutes later colleague Xiao Li from the toilet, for I said the boss did not bring toilet paper, you want to borrow, how you ran.  A friend sent a very expensive coffee, just boil a cup, I took the opportunity to educate the younger brother: Life is like a cup of coffee, you smell the incense, I sipped bitter.Brother said: Brother, or you smell the incense, I drink coffee.  Today I let a girlfriend to lose weight.Girlfriend said: I feel inside the body lived four people can not afford to cut.I doubt ask: What does it mean?Which four people?She said: They are Monkey, Monkey, Pig and Shahe Shang.Every day the monk said: I want vegetarian.Pig said: I want to eat meat.Monkey King said: I want to eat fruit.Shahe Shang said: Master Big Brother two brothers said all right ah!  A bus, a beautiful MM car, pulled out a card to swipe, just listen to the credit card machine replies: drop?Old card?!All cars were frozen, and all hope she.Her face black line, said: what to see, Tian tong lao, not seen ah?A uncle got up and said: Come, ma’am, you take this.  I remember one day, husky Diao from a neighbor’s garden only covered with mud hamster back, I saw recognized them, is the neighbor’s pet hamster sugar, it has been tortured to death by dogs.I am anxious to immediately clean the hamster sneak back into the neighbor’s yard.Next morning, I heard the neighbors furious shouting: Damn, who died buried my hamster properly dug out back to clean up!  I am a student myopia, when the college entrance examination é facing on the eye chart are back down, the results of a medical examination when he can not see the teacher hands of the stick.Home from work today son told me that this art had a final exam passing, I asked why ah, he said, the teacher let the painting school of fish, the class paintings are fish swim in the water..I pulled over to see papers: bear children Damn, did you draw iron squid.  Yesterday, I and a friend went to a gas station, he rolled down the window, said: give me ten dollars, I stunned, back to give him a slap in the face angrily said: just add ten dollars, lost no shame!Come on then directed at the brother said: Give me five plus ten!  Young people falling out of love, head down, crying bitterly.Jackson consolation: “You just lost someone does not love you, but he lost a loved his people.”Young women looked wiped tears:” So I was lucky, he is unfortunate, for it?”Jackson sad face:” Actually I have no experience in love, but Shi Tai Road, snatched a long night, I saw this sentence in the space, I feel very good right.”The company set up a vent chamber, which put the portraits of all the leaders, there are views to which employees can vent a pass.That day the manager came in and saw his portrait intact, while other leaders were arrested riddled face lit up.Management said: portraits of other leaders have not had time to change, you’ve changed three times a!  Ugly on the bus a man stepped on the foot, the men very angry and said, you stepped on my foot and then I let you look good.Ugly one rejoicing, flew up and stepped on his foot, brother, thank you ah, lest I spend money to do plastic surgery.  Wife: her husband, to this month’s pocket money.My husband took the money and looked: my wife, you do not even hurt me, every time gave such a point.His wife is a slap snapped: it hurt?Her husband burst into: shout, pain, pain.Wife: That’s right thing.Husband: for what to?Why do you hit me?Wife: Did not you say you do not hurt!how about it?Now it hurts!