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Inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying inspirational article: suffering is the experience of flying Balzac said: Suffering is a stepping stone in life, as an asset for the strong, for the weak is an abyss.Indeed these words, human life is not who is the flat Tan, smooth sailing is our kind congratulations, but who do meteoric rise and his home life?Each of us will inevitably have to experience change the fate of a big bucket out of school, unemployment, falling out of love, loss of loved ones, loss of wealth, loss of health, etc., etc..Taiwan writer Lin Ching wrote a story: One year God saw numerous farmers to grow wheat tough, I feel very happy.Farmers see God said, fifty years I did not pray for the end of the day every year to pray not to have rain, hail, do not have drought, pests.But no matter how I pray not had much luck.The farmer suddenly kissed the feet of God, said: My lord almighty ah!You Can next year promise to my plea, as long as a year’s time, not a storm, not the hot sun drought, pests do not have?God said: Well, certainly next year as you wish.The next year, because there is no storm, sun and insect infestation, farmers’ fields really bear a lot of wheat, more than double than in previous years, farmers especially excited.Can wait until autumn, the farmer found that all the wheat actually all shriveled, there is nothing good grain.The farmer tearfully asked God said: This is how it?God told him, saying: Because your wheat avoid all the trials, it has become so.Grain of wheat, yet it can not do without the test of wind and rain, drought, sun, pests and other setbacks, for a person, especially.It has been said, the human face is a bitter word, born on the misery suffered various.I think he was right.Wanted person’s life, their cries come upon the world, the cries of their loved ones died in the middle of one hundred years of life, all the time dealing with difficult, suffering, disease, disaster.If life is not suffering, which itself is a disaster.In a long-term career succeeds like success, carefree environment, can not be eliminated Liezhe, screening not strong, human beings would not have evolved, society will not move forward.(Inspirational quotes) while each of us to seriously review their hearts, always pleased invention, igniting the light of his own soul.It is often regarded as some of the time was suffering and hardship situation or event.A perfect life, really have to experience.So, in a sense I have to say: Suffering is God’s gift to mankind the best gift!But the misery into wealth is conditional.We do not have to learn from these religious martyrs, the suffering and enjoyment as a goal, we are having a normal physiological and psychological effect of people have emotions, while avoiding disadvantages to know, understand and enjoy life, but we know the sun after the storm, Chuijin sand profound meaning only see the two sentences.Former British prime minister during the World War II Winston Churchill, wrote in his autobiography: suffering or humiliation of wealth?When you overcome suffering, it is your wealth; when suffering can be overcome when you, it is your humiliation.When we overcome the misery and suffering after an absence, and only then, you should be proud of is suffering a life of wealth, is your life through the experience of flying!Personally, I have repeatedly said before, I’m not good at financial management.Thus resulting in the current temporary difficulties.Despite this, I still think the difficulty is certainly worth it.I only paid at this time, patience invasion of all kinds of pressure, tomorrow I will get back to a new self.I pass all night last night, after thinking it feel wronged.Why bother?Let him go, love Za Za.I suddenly remembered I often say these words: ShangBanYe think about other people, ask yourself after midnight.Despite pass all night, but my mind is awake.I seem to suddenly understand a lot of truth, truth in life, I can not help but think of my life to this very humbled and somewhat useless.But there is life, there is hope you afraid?Nightmare woke up, comes a new self, what is wrong with it?People often do not say?all will be good.Break through the storm, but also a spring.Users reading this article also read the following excellent article: [inspirational story: misery and misfortune] [inspirational articles: you are not only one way out]