Foreign media headlines: Trump dismissed Secretary of State Tillerson also kept in the dark | Tillerson

  Trump "fired" Secretary of State Tillerson was kept in the dark Washington Post broke the news that Trump released Tillerson secretary of state。 A few minutes later, in the Trump said, the current CIA director, will take over as secretary of state MikePompeo。
  The Washington Post reported on Friday, Trump requirements Tillerson "give way", "helpless" Tillerson shorten their trip to Africa, and returned to Washington on Monday。
  According to Trump's tweets, MikePompeo after leaving the CIA, the CIA deputy director GinaHapsel Secretary will take over duties。
  Before Washington Post quoted a senior White House officials, the personnel changes is an important personnel changes in the White House national security team, particularly the forthcoming delicate negotiations with North Korea in Trump。
  Subsequently, the US State Department officials said Tillerson before "do not know what is happening," completely in the dark, and he did not Trump ventilation!  Earlier, news about Trump and Tillerson their relationship discord often heard。 In July last year, there have been several media quoted sources as saying, Tillerson said Trump is "idiot"。   The OECD urged on CNBC excess steel production capacity to engage in dialogue in order to avoid a trade war Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Tuesday that governments should work together to solve the problem of excess steel production capacity, rather than a trade war。   Over the past few weeks, the US president announced that Trump impose a 25% tariff on imported steel, imposed a 10% tariff on imports of aluminum。
This makes the trade partnership with the EU, including the United States, Japan increasingly tense。
  The OECD said that to solve this problem of overcapacity is to comply with international trade rules, WTO rules is established。 The OECD also said that trade protectionism will have a negative impact on investment, employment, etc.。
  CNBC Volkswagen CEO: Trump tariff is a "big problem" Trump last Saturday of the EU said that if the EU cut its US products "amazing" tariffs, the United States is also prepared to lower tariffs, would otherwise Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other car manufacturers taxation。   On Tuesday, the CEO of Volkswagen Automotive Group MatthiasMueller in an interview with CNBC interview, said, "Whether it is the German automotive industry or Volkswagen, the Trump steel tariff policy is likely to be a big problem。 We now need to consider whether to introduce protective tariffs and how the German government will respond。
"Nevertheless, Miller adds, Volkswagen is set up Tennessee factory that makes the public need not worry about import duties。   Reuters IMF Lagarde: Governments and central banks should jointly develop encryption currency regulations International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Christine Lagarde said the government and the central bank should strengthen cooperation to develop common encryption currency regulations, to prevent them from evolving into money laundering and terrorist activities new means。
  Lagarde said in an article, including encryption behind the currency block chain, including technology can improve financial inclusion。
Low-cost methods of payment may provide support for the millions of people lack a traditional bank accounts of low-income countries。   But Lagarde also pointed out that before the technology really get that far, behind the risk can not be ignored。   IMF encouraged countries to develop policies to ensure financial integrity, strengthen supervision。
At the same time, between countries should strengthen cooperation, because the money is not encrypted national boundaries, so the encryption specification standard currency must also be built on a global basis。
  Bloomberg said the traditional safe-haven asset is no longer a paradise Goldman's analysis shows that with rising inflation and interest rates, as well as the end of the era of low volatility, investors had to find an effective hedge to look into government bonds, yen and beyond the traditional safe-haven assets such as gold。 The problem is that, compared to the lack of stock volatility VIX index has assets of "positive beta" on the market, in other words, with the intensification of volatility (such as when the S & P 500 index fell), can add value assets。
  "Recently, the safe-haven assets which do not – do not have any assets or stock sectors – beta relative volatility index is positive, and there was little beta assets on 10-year US Treasury yields is positive, resulting in a variety of assets state of despair, "Ian Wright and other Goldman strategists wrote in a report March 12 in。   In late January and early February, the US stock market sold off, and to spread during the global stock market, gold has proven to be a loser。 With the rise in interest rates, and the implementation does not lead to inflation, tepid economic outlook tends to be bleak, the future will continue to find effective hedging more difficult。 Goldman Sachs said, for active risk management through derivatives trading portfolio in terms of coverage will become more important。   Bloomberg US shale oil production is expected in April, another record high US Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in a report on Monday is expected, major US shale oil production company in April is expected to reach a record 6.95 million barrels / day, an increase of barrels / day; Permian Basin production forecast an increase of 8 million barrels / day to 316 million barrels / day。   Commerzbank said, EIA revised up of the past seven months, eight months means that since since September, the average monthly increase in average daily production of barrels of。
"This will allow shale oil production increased in one year by 1.5 million barrels / day – enough to meet the growing global demand for oil。 Therefore, there is no OPEC to increase production space。 "Japanese Economic News Japanese model of innovation with Chinese people is very different from Japanese investment equation, the top priority is not interest, but the risk, if not all of the risks are under control, the Japanese do not want to risk investing。
Therefore, Japan's VC (venture capital) is always lack of development, which may be related with the Japanese national character。
Early Toyota has an excellent opportunity to enter China, but the leadership of the Chinese market that year a lot of risk, so I decided to wait and see (waitandsee), and so this opportunity is gone。
Otherwise, today's big cities is not running a modern rental and the public, but there is a road must be Toyota。
Today, with a ratio Bangkok。   Although China and Japan separated by narrow strip of water, it was also said both the same culture, but in many ways, Chinese and Japanese are often in two different extremes。
In my opinion the Japanese do things very conservatively, not a last resort, not absolutely sure, the Japanese will not be shot。 The Chinese people is the opportunity to see the。 Japanese often too conservative lost opportunities, brought the matter to the Chinese people tend to be not so impatient opportunity to the ground, and also failed to seize the opportunity。 So, in many cases, China and Japan can actually be complementary。