Although I did not believe in ghosts, but you burning paper

Although I did not believe in ghosts, but you burning paper text / deer XiaoNi If you believe in the existence of God, have to accept there are ghosts.I do not know what someone’s grave grave situation, our family always very busy, as if everyone made an appointment to visit the elderly, regardless of life and death, there is always a grave after the end of dinner, picnic activities.   Two uncles grave to lift water gravestone rubbing, start weeding, women and children to be split into a stack of stack of burning paper one by one, put tributes, candles officially began.   Mom, anyone who had me buy you flowers away, you put him away at night!I saw my aunt bought a new tape to decorate flower attached to a headstone.   I can live here these people will be afraid?My mother blurted out, the family laughed as one.   I grew up on the outside, on the inside of you, I guess if there’s loved ones to see this situation will be happy now.   Grandma is a lifetime love of clean, plant flowers lady love, if it is grave and the whole family together I’ve only spent.   Often see a lot of secondary processing of the flowers sold, bought after one to understand, to put off the grave after grave people to buy flowers, but after these hawkers will continue to sell on the bar with a toothpick, since then after my grandmother leaving only the petals before my grandfather’s gravestone.   OMG, do not be reluctant to spend, this small change for tickets to play cards with it.Uncle while burning paper while talking with Henan words.   Grandmother during his lifetime smoking, playing mahjong, so every time there will be grave before smoke on the gravestone of the two sons of points.   Yeah dad, love fishing with Ma to buy a car a go!Uncle points to advance progressive fire burning paper good grave, and still remember my grandfather before his death in advanced cancer still riding electric car to go fishing.   Well, nice!Our mother received a Zanba!Looking at the wind up burning paper ash aunt said..   Go with Grandma Grandpa said you came to visit them.In fact, small time thought it very strange, but willing to learn to grow up to look like adults annoying chatters in front of a tombstone.   Grandma, just the door has to sell the iPhone, your mother a B, not with a charging cable, did not give you buy.I heard laughing behind his family into one, the phrase modal particle was my grandmother’s mantra during his lifetime.   Burn paper we will stand in front of the tombstone put together as a tribute to eat breakfast, this little cake into the fire, that the fruit into them, like a child eat with you son of a dozen people came back time.   I do not believe in ghosts, but when the people inside are very contradictory when loved ones.   On the one hand I feel that burning paper this event will pollute the environment, on the other hand are worried that they may in the event of another world really need the money how to do.   Xiao Hong wrote recently read “Hulan River”, the book describes a wreath at the shop selling the really exciting part.   She wrote that store from the coachman to the housekeeper, from couch to decorate the screen everything, as if in this world and some will have to go to another world.   Like every time I go to visit my grandmother grandfather, the door hawkers like another world Taobao: the golden couple is already very low-end configuration, and seen drinking fountains, IPAD, Notebook….These products are also updated in real time.   I first bought a burning paper before coming to South Africa to visit his own grandmother grandpa, is not clear, grave period of eleven, extraordinarily deserted cemetery, I went into the nearest shop.   Woman, SEI see it?Shopkeeper enthusiasm middle-aged woman asked.   grandmother.   After three years Me?   pass.   Oh, it would take the yellow, the burning paper, a pair of wax, and so will you have to burn this, then like this.She took a very professional look to me a package.   You see, though I do not believe in ghosts, but you can be burning paper, in case they say to do?    Come, join us to learn this song so I went back to listen to it sing grandmother!I made a song in the group.   This I will.   Line Yeah, come back?   Brothers and sisters have responded in the group, it is a Chen Siyu sing “IF U”, the lyrics sentence cut to the heart, after hearing a song cycle for a long time.   ü If you still standing at the door waiting for me to go home you may want in addition to what you want to do more than you can not go like holding my hand like a child .You remember I accept the flowers read about the death of “seven” best explanation is: every seven days to one, which is actually 49 days to the living a buffer of time, so that the living slowly come to accept the fact that their loved ones leave.   Our ancestors passed down the festival in fact it is not just a ritual, ceremonies behind the more humane care.   I am happy to share stories deer XiaoNi look forward to listening to your story