A touch of rain lengthy King

[REVIEW] and then further to go, I go out to see the trees, most of them blew up tender shoots, I think, these tiny room certainly have lived a little elf, elves alone is the spring.   Today’s purpose is to make a sightseeing tour, Purple Mountain is a mountain, water is water Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing and two of the most wonderful in my perception is that this should be “mountain” and “water” the.But not from day one is willing, this should be good in this Saturday, actually pulled a long face, the rhythm from the start in the morning they cry, do not want to stop until noon.  But, this does it want to stop me out?This can be accomplished, this rain should be the only fun I even won in the.Therefore, I have after lunch, take out the necessary utensils, decided to embark on the bus to go to Nanjing Railway Station.  Why is it the railway station?Because the Nanjing Railway Station is in a good position.Xuanwu Lake is just left the station, then you can also let me in here to start down the path around the lake to enjoy the scenery Xuanwu Lake, and until it reaches the foot of the Purple Mountain.This in itself is a very good travel plans, but when I arrived the find: lake shelves of the fence, not short fence.Fine also found that the more under the fence about one hundred eighty-five, but also a little bit taller than me, but good stretches a long distance ah.Very unfortunate.  I doubt it inside the fence is doing what in the world it works?I remember that time in school, there was a stone road to go very frequently, extremely miserable fate, trim demolition demolition, back and forth several times, when was the “rain several times, several times reincarnation” friends.For those of us passing day stampede of their bodies, the way every time after finishing, seem to have the same lame, and when this time, we will mutter a few words, “You’re a GDP increase for the country,” it would not have the following and then the next time guessing how long repairs would be after.  Today, here’s lake fence, went so far hindered my Xing Yu, is a big sin ah, I do, but still only frustration is lurking in the landscape here, angrily cursing a few in the stomach, then, find another he at the.  Train station or so many people coming and going, not because of the rain and have a break.The most depressing should be those who today arrived in Nanjing it, many of them indeed as God’s face general board with a gloomy face.  Mountain monk, the monk down the mountain, each have their own reasons, or never mind them, and today I have my own reasons for it.  Rain, like the world in the morning wash, wash the city clean, washed tranquil lake.No twitter noisy crowd, down more of the birds twitter.Non-rain heavy rain.Lake Road, is obscured by the size of the trees, the birds in this weather, in this environment, do not need to nest Habitat.Thought here, I suddenly realize as the general: from fresh and quiet sounds of nature.  Of course, this also should belong to weather the most cheerful of swimming in a lake in a little group of mandarin ducks.In fact, is not necessarily a mandarin duck, I can not tell duck and mandarin duck, although there is a small group of gray body, but because I think the duck and mandarin duck has a color and gray, it is still some distance away, they saw the body does not seem large, and like the pairwise upstream of the lake, they tentatively when they are right Yuanyang.  I should be comfortable before they envy the line after some of them free, but a duck leaving the team I have found a frown.It is elegant to swim from the group, to the lake, where there are just a “spring”, effectively to take water in shares, to see the little guy a Mengzi dive down, not far away after half a minute to get up, shake him water, swinging like a princess with long hair in the bath, I can not see it moving, but that at the “spring”.Because it is not natural “spring”, it is in the water pipeline.After I got up to see a small mandarin duck fun does not have any unpleasant reactions also relieved.  Out of the water here actually looks exactly the same and the lake, even the mandarin duck this every day to stay in the water birds do not feel there is water Yi Chu.I’d like something crooked: if all of the water drains hang discharged into rivers and oceans are like the pipes of water, like so much the better.  Looked up at this time, just hanging is blowing willow, glancing captured, “yo, spring has really come!”One little shoots are spirally arranged in neat rows, rotating the distal tip, in general are like waiting for a signal of unity, at the moment the signal arrives, they get rid of winter’s tail together, that if the mother rushed into the spring-like warmth embrace.  All in all, really lament the miracle of life, it was only a few millimeters thin thickness of wicker, even to survive the cold winter, it is where they come from energy and clothing ah?Where is the place for storage and vitality ah?  what?Do you think this is long out later?No, I want to firmly tell you: do not.No one can doubt go this miracle of life!Because of the small tip of wicker, a little in the last cm side buds, even hanging a few pieces of broken yellow leaves!It was last fall that left his last Memorial.  I can not help but sigh: What a lovely and tenacious life ah!  Hesitation, the heart of the spear and shield clash countless times already, finally, I was brutally with his love of the heart to force his left hand, pinch a small wicker next, hidden in a parcel, no one to see near, casual do nothing as humbly walked.  And then further to go, I go out to see the trees, most of them blew up tender shoots, I think, these tiny room certainly have lived a little elf, elves alone is the spring.  Green, green, green spring really belongs!On the ground of grass!At the moment I discovered in March in less than a season, also with a chilly wind sharp, embodied the optimism of the earliest of these was actually the most delicate grass!I secretly amazed!  Not bear stampede.  Rain, apart from me, or are there other people out.Mt transfer water, go here.  It is a semi-circle up small water pool, surrounded by three or four people, a few fishing rod.  I walked over, stood behind him in the side of a sanitation worker.Road cleaned rain, the visitors almost zero, he had a natural ease some leisurely, there leaning on pillars of the gentlemen who watch the fishing.  In a separate Mr. side, when I had left the station in the past, the fish took the bait.I was there watching, he pulled a three-five-inch length of the fish from the water, effortlessly closing pole, off to fish, then do not look back one behind, finishing a little further down hooks, turned to look at the past that fish jumping, bouncing in the dirt.  One wearing a yellow raincoat uncle, I stood relatively close distance from where he was standing there in a landscape!Right in pockets, lifted half raincoats, sandwiched between the lower arm rod, two fingers left a cigarette, the bark of texture all over the same face, show no moisture leisurely look, further stirring the foggy I could not hear the hum of the song.To see him, I laughed.  There is also a brother dressed in blue raincoat, under scrutiny, he saw his blue raincoat hat below universe is also in possession of it.There are a brown hat quietly by myself, hat and raincoat hat eaves almost overlapping, to see his face at the moment should be enjoyed, from time to time under sentence whistle blowing past the occasional dalliance waterfowl.  At the moment, I do not know who the sanitation workers in mind, the fish is silly and stupid glutton, who is cruel indifference, or the fun of life?  I did not have a fishing rod it is, they are not to associate with them, and to move forward.After glanced glances Erbinsimo somewhere near the water’s edge on a couple, I do not have too much to stay, walked quickly through it, do not let the other side of the sound of laughter and whisper of incoming ears, the scourge of my good mood the.  After half line to the lake, lake has tapered, it may be dim could see the other side.On a small ridge, hints of a stupa, looming in the fog, it is estimated that six or seven highly.Just do not know if there are any temple?And whether there are temple monk?On rainy days, the monks do what?The most Xiachu in the foothills, nestled between mountains and rivers, seems to have a large estate, red roof, white walls, forest cover, through the misty mist, Barbara are like the world outside, as people envy.  Now, the Purple Mountain in sight, though hazy mist, not see far-reaching, but the vaguely recognizable peak.  At the foot of the approaching end is approaching where this lake, there has been a heartbreaking landscape.This is a large wreck, wreckage lotus, Keke fear Head.Summer prosperous and eye-catching, at this time, Adams turned to decline, as people are truly lament!I do not know the root of underwater buried them, like wicker whether the general preservation of the law, or else the height of summer how to do these waters?This should be my man, right outside the door of unfounded.  Xuanwu Lake is regarded in the history of the ill-fated, disappear and reappear several of experience, if there is historical evidence exists to prove that she was buried, and that would be sufficient to deal with when supernatural events.Fortunately, today the people for a better environment of still more value, long-term vision is, and will expand its open, like the original farmland into lake Bay fish a poultry house.  Rain, although due to the rainy reason, can not climb the mountain, but blame the heart already gone.Rainy day has a unique rain.Today is a rainy day, a sunny day tomorrow, perhaps, why make a clean sweep of all the beauty of it in one day?Leave some for a better look, not better?