A touch of youth epitaph

We have a youth she stood without taking into account age she read it slowly fade away through the age of the students do not know things pan over a young and frivolous wading through tears of strength in the river more and then also turned silent in the Sentimental smile can not meet the deep heart felt moment we have a young teacher told us to cherish on the podium to speak in high school still resounding echo when parents we relaxed over his head to himself from now when the white-haired cents Thinking without fear of a jump to a pace step by step when we began to want to miss this moment and embrace a youth being youth away from us often say we cherish youth work hard but still no match no match no match for the family illness and death trivia no match for the time that a picture is no longer the enemy but more sentimental smile often said that going to broaden our horizons do not let regret but how many youth leave time for us to go on and how much freedom the courage to let us give up around everything to travel if the youth is a long journey that I would like to be flying high in the blue sky flying geese from meeting Moment began the road of life if a youth is willing to indulge me the courage to leap the highest bungee jumping down trying to speed and strength if the youth is an idea I am willing to go in silence for a long time ignorant of life is feel better that moment, we have a youth she gave us more motivation to continue our efforts in our youth will not lose heart, because we have a dream of love has the power!