Something about data: James Wong Great Chamberlain Super 19 consecutive plate par Flying Pig

  Beijing on March 20, today 2017–18 season, regular season to continue, a total of eight games Here are some interesting data that appear in a few games。   Today LeBron – James scored 40 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, the Cavaliers to 124-117 victory over the Bucks rate。
This is the 51st James career single-game scoring, rebounds and assists both led the audience (and ties), surpassing Wilt – Wilt Chamberlain (50 games), first rose to NBA history。   In addition, the 33-year-old James in NBA history in the game when Canada played without a fight to score three pairs of 40 + 2 older players。
November 3, 1968, 34-year-old Elgin – Baylor scored 40 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists for the sun。 Meanwhile, James kept the score 40-plus play three pairs youngest player history。 April 9, 2005 the same for the Bucks, 20 years old, he had 40 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists。
  Today the Spurs to 89-75 home win over the Warriors in the game, LaMarcus – Aldridge had 11 points in the fourth quarter in a row sweep, the Spurs to 61-65 behind but to lead 72-65。
In the fourth quarter on a team made at least 11-0, and scoring rests his preoccupations of the Spurs players, December 8, 2003 against the Bulls game Manu – Manu Ginobili (11 points in a row)。
  Counting from the 2013-14 season, nearly nine times the regular season guest ATT Arena, the Warriors scored less than 80 points in three games already, after two games are 8 November 2013 to 74-76 defeat, and 2016 on March 19 to 79-87 defeat。 While in the other segment 390 games, the Warriors only 1 game scoring less than 80 points, it was lost to 75-91 in February 4, 2014 Charlotte。
  Today piston to 106-90 victory over the Kings in the game, Andre – Drummond had 16 rebounds, the 45th season single-game rebounding of not less than 15。 On a single-season play so many games in the same tournament, is the 1993-94 season with the Spurs – Dennis Rodman (54 games)。
  Today Joel – En Bide had 25 points and 19 rebounds, the rate of 76 to 108-94 win over Hornets。 And the victory over the Nets, En Bide had scored 24 points and 19 rebounds。
The two games in a row to grab at least 19 rebounds, and led the team to victory in the 76 players, Charles in November 1991 – the Buckley。   In today's 100-110 loss to the Pacers in the game, the Lakers starting center Brook – Lopez (23 points and 8 boards), starting forward Kyle – Kuzma (27 points, 8 rebounds) and Julius – Rand Er (9 points plate 21) are played scoring 20 rebounds 8+。
The last time the Lakers starting frontcourt 3 games played with such performance, in January 26, 1984 to 131-102 victory over the Rockets。
The field 3 before starting Lakers field are: Karim – Abdul – Jabbar (26 points and 10 boards), James – Worthy (23 points 12 boards) and Jamal – Wilkes (20 minutes 8 board)。   In today's New York Knicks to 110-92 victory over the Bulls, the two sides four starting guard no one hit rate of 30% (Emanuel – Mudi Ai 8 2; Courtney – Lee 7 2; JIA Augustine – 6 0 Huole Di; Cameron – 12 Payne 2)。
The last time the two warring sides of the four starting guard shot neither less than 5 times, hit rate is lower than 30%, or in the February 7, 2015 76 people with 89-81 win over Hornets。
The last time the two warring sides starting guard so iron, but the two sides still lower than the total score of 200 points, is mid-1993 April 20 Knicks to 109-97 win Heat。
  Although D'Angelo today – Russell-thirds vote only 1 in 10, but the Nets team three-point hit rate of 40% (40 voted 16), and to 118-115 victory over the Grizzlies。 As a result, the Nets became the first team even though it was six three-point shot at least 10 times, and the hit rate is not more than 10%, but the team three-point shooting team but not less than 40%。
The top five teams were in March 1996, the Eagles (Mucci – Blaylock, 10, 1), January 2005 Heat (Damon – Jones, 11, 1), Knight of November 2016 (。
– Smith, 10, 1), the rocket in November 2017 (Eric – Gordon, 10, 1) and February this year, the Warriors (Klein – Thompson, 11, 1)。