A tree, a peach tree to open

In her childhood, parents busy, no time to take her, then sent her to the mountains of grandmother.She refused to let parents crying to go, but beautiful grandmother, poultry flocks, there are close to many age children to play, a few days she would like a duck, reluctant to leave.The children liked to play with the big eyes and the skin in vain kids in town, always at dawn to find her grandmother, then pick up the mountain with berries, lower river fishing in troubled waters, or play hide and seek game.In these children, he has always come first, sometimes the grandmother did not open the door, he had sat on the quartzite in front of his grandmother, watching the sun rise while flying birds such as her quiet.Each time, my grandmother always told him, and she ate breakfast together, they drank porridge, eating bread or eggs, and then turned around and ran away.He has a whistle, smooth and beautiful, on the mouth, you can blow all kinds of nice voice.Whistle very common, with Peach to do, but doing too much trouble to put effort on both sides of Peach’s worn out, the hole can not wear too much, otherwise it will blow does not ring, and then carefully put the nucleolus from the hole singled out a little bit, and then pointed places rubbed off, so as not to cut into the mouth.This way, the day also do a bar.When ripe peaches, almost all of the kids will do one or two to play, but after a season lost I do not know where to go, do it next year.But he did not, well after the whistle, he had been carrying, and he will blow a variety of sounds with Peach, small birds he would, chick and the duck would call him, he will blow a few simple folk songs, she listened fascinated, often always followed him and let him blow all kinds of wonderful sounds, and let him teach her, he gladly blow to her, and very happy to teach her, and proud, others children see them like a shadow, and only envy.And so she would, and he put the whistle gave her.She was like, day and night with.Their favorite place to go is Taoyuan his home mountain, where the mountain planted with peach trees.Spring in March, a tree, a peach tree in bloom, morning mist filled the air, from afar, like a cloud perched on the hillside, beautiful.They run happy in Taoyuan, catching landscape cow, hide and seek, and forget.That morning she sat in the branches of Taoyuan muffled whistle blowing, flocks of sparrows flying from the sky, the wind blows, her white dress fluttering, delicate petals filled the air and landed on her head body they next looked, all stunned, Leng Leng looked at her, forgot to do, only know really beautiful, ah, she was sitting in peach, like a fairy.Which of course includes him standing on the other side of a peach tree, the hands of the whistle sounded forget.No mountain six decades, years of cold do not know.Where she had been the only one unhappy things, that one day, she found her whistle was gone.They found a lot of places did not find, she burst into tears, he promised her, when ripe peaches, give her to do, a lot to do, she turned to laugh cry, Chengri waiting in Taoyuan, ripe peaches looking forward.However, did not wait until the fall, parents took her to the mountains picked up shortly after she wants to go to school.After a long time, parents busy, did not take her grandmother.And she gradually got used to life in the city, no longer think of the mountains.Soon the grandmother by their parents to the city, she will completely cut off from the mountains and audio.Years later, she was back when my grandmother has died, according to the wishes buried in the mountains.She is back along with the family and worship.Montagnards simple, said she was beautiful, older still remember what happened that year, said she was like a little fairy as.She was young, did not remember a thing, a playmate of the year has not remember, just remember that hazy Taoyuan, so think of him.Went to his house for a walk, did not see him, he went out to long distances, better days to come back.The car was his own, his life is orderly, past the old house became a small Western-style two-story.His wife, her warm greeting, a friendly that is really nice, strange road always mention it.She laughed, also silent.His family is still in the mountain, Taoyuan, flowers are grateful, green peaches covered with branches, his son and her son had a great time in the mountain.When she leaves, he has not come back, she did not much feeling, a child she had something vague.Pro on the car, suddenly see his wife trot over and handed her a small cloth bag and said: He was going to own you, but do not rush back.Playing phone several times asked me to give you.what does she say?His wife laughed and said: He said some kids stuff.She also did not care, readily put in the bag.In the car, she remembered what he sent, and then open it, but was surprised to find that it was a bag of Peach, Peach made with a bag full of exquisite whistle.She stared, then all of a sudden sharp jump in front of his grandmother sat on the quartzite door, he blew a variety of folk songs, she lost whistle, he promised to give her a lot, ripe peaches, he spent the entire season sitting small stream patiently doing open air car whistle, her husband was afraid of her cold, handed to her shawl, she was surprised, bag Peach crashed off the floor, like a year blooming tree a tree