A true heart to leave it

A writer, if long-term retention of a real heart, which is important for a person’s essence.Because, you say the truth, you will be happy!Although it will suffer unfair treatment.However, please remember one truth: the wind can never beat the sun.    A good article is derived from the most real life on earth, along with the epitome of changing times.Such as: human bestiality in there, it is an undeniable fact.Of course, everyone strive allow themselves to be a perfect person, who can do that since ancient times, to be exact: this is absolutely impossible.The world would have no perfect people imagine.Imperfect is the most real life.    ”Heart” True, you will not be too tired!But not because of some kind of exigencies sell their dignity.You can wait and see the world state of justice in formation, also allows us to mind and stability, non-confusion will not look accurate.Let alone the others down the pace of marching circling, no principle not blindly cheer for others.Repeat ancient literati repeatedly chewed saliva, not to weave false dreams with gorgeous language to add their own mining.This is not a qualitative phenomenon.A true writer should be hidden subtle observation of real life.The real side of real people to show up.    Whether to write a kind of way of thinking, but must keep a copy of “true heart” as the main spring is beautiful, you can not let spring come angry.Want to book into their economic efficiency, it is also crucial, because people want three meals a day, then, there are times when it may become a victim of commercialization.Self-irony and self-mockery struggling confusion in the mind.The road less traveled, there is the most authentic way possible, but very few people go.Helpless!You can only own truest heart hidden.Let the “heart” of this pain alone to taste.A true heart to leave it!I try to do.(Chaochen HE scent of ink butterfly original)