A true love fritters

That year, she was sick, he took her to the town by dray to find clinics.He said a laundry list of good things, all the coins out of your pocket, doctor finally called her needle, and then stuff into two Wong Chuk wrap medicine.  He pulled dray go back, she still sat in the car plate.Through a side street, turn right, then across the street, the smell of incense and incense children drifting, drifting.He mercilessly swallowed, hesitated a few seconds, only a step back: “You do not want to eat fritters?”Board the car she had also secretly swallow saliva, Huer to hear his questions, lengleleng, shaking his head:” do not eat, do not want to eat.”She pressed the cloth in the press that a few cooked sweet potato:” It does have a sweet potato, if I was hungry, eat sweet potatoes.”She clearly his pocket even a broken slot is gone, there would be no money to buy fritters.  He looked at her silently, like all of a sudden, all of a sudden gone to see her heart.She embarrassed, looking down.Damn, that’s good incense smell of incense children and rushed over, she could not help but swallowed swallow saliva.  Gently pull the dray street, mooring, he strides towards the corner of the deep-fried fritters stalls around.Her gaze chasing his shoulder back wide figure, he stood looking at the front poke little stall.She blushed, close your eyes in shame.God, we are not beggars, he’s how the nerve to beg people!Opened his eyes again, she saw him smiling holding a donut ran toward her.  She was angry, turned away: “I do not eat.I am not a beggar, I do not eat begging.”He said loudly:” Who says this is begging fritters, I get traded tobacco.”She surprised:” Take traded tobacco?That supposed when you want to smoke?”He smoked for many years, he said ‘people are iron, steel, rice is,’ he said ‘people are iron, steel smoke’.In his eyes, smoke more important than food.Tired, he was a cigarette smoke, the high spirits; growling in a cigarette smoke, on the full.He smoked cigarettes are homegrown pipe down, dried, shredded tobacco leaf stuffed into a small plastic bag and then tuck in his pocket, when want to smoke, take a small piece of paper rolled into a “megaphone”.  He laughed: “One day a long time does not smoke, not die.Then bad, can not endure cravings come, then, to pick up a few pieces of dried leaves roadside grated roll into a megaphone, it still can not be able to draw emergency.”He handed her the fritters:” fast food, hot, savory soft.”She said:” We divide the food, you half, I half.”He shook his head and shook his head:” No, I do not eat greasy things, you eat fast.”She took a bite, eyes misty, want to wipe, do not rub.He was still happy with, and asked: “not fragrant incense, sweet and not sweet?”She blurted out:” bitter, bitter good.”He almost jumped up:” Bitter?How is suffering, I want to blow up a master sweetest most delicious oh.”She lifted her head, frowning:” Do not believe your own taste.”She pinched Push great half, fiercely into his mouth.He chewed for a moment, and then chew it, Hey, odd strange, not bitter, sweet incense, but also warm and ah.  Look at his puzzled puzzled look, suddenly, she Puchi laugh out loud.He, instant, understand how it happens.She just “lie” that he shared a donut Yeah, he ate big lie half a donut in it.This story, he is my father 30 years ago.This story, she is my mother 30 years ago.This story, my father told me about 9999 times, the mother told me about 9999 times.Father and Mother tells “version” is slightly different.Father always ignored him for fritters with his love of tobacco plot, he has repeatedly reiterated that his mother lied to him to eat fritters details.Mother father always stressed that the details change fritters with tobacco, but threw her father lied to eat fried dough sticks plot.