A two champion

Emperor Kangxi, Wang Sanxuan Yizhou Prefecture Liuhe village, his parents died, come down, thanks to weekdays when the rich man’s uncle alms to survive.Others are poor go rather short, square nineteen years had been in the move, now is to study hard, ready to obtain Scholars.At midnight that day, Wang Sanxuan are candle night reading, Suddenly firewood pile behind the house came the sound of waves woman moaning.He lit a lantern, along a row of children found blood on a stack of firewood ago, I saw a woman lying covered in blood inside, was unconscious, San Xuan hastily took her back home, ran to Come the doctor.The woman doctor holding open arms, a miserable in the eyes: the entire missing left hand to shoot straight!Doctor immediately wash the wound with warm water, having a good Mishap medicine, with a white cloth wrapped up, the girl slowly regained his.The woman named Magnolia, who lives in the village, his mother died many years ago, only a father, often outside the business, continued a small daughter at home.Surprisingly, this little lost and lonely wife, and Mr. home on a good accountant.On one occasion, he was caught Magnolia, she knows the situation is not good, it poisoned meal at Magnolia Lane, who knows not poisoned Magnolia.Such as Magnolia’s father returned home, this little daughter was to blame, embellished say unruly girl, and the family of a young lover long-term employment.Magnolia’s father Siyaomianzai, do not ask indiscriminate, first get rid of the long hours and again the lessons of girl.Magnolia and injustice and bend, while crying while protested his innocence.Daddy gas halo, and he took an ax to cut towards the magnolia in the past, but he does not vent, threatened to Magnolia hacked.Home to nurse while Magnolia dressing wounds, while she advised: There have stepfather stepmother, you go fast escape!Magnolia in San Xuan home side recovered from his wounds while doing some handy job.This time, San Xuan found Magnolia who not only looks beautiful, but very kind hearted, but also very diligent, could not help but like her.Magnolia in the fast wound healed, he proposed to get out of here.San Xuan is saying do not let.In fact, in addition to Magnolia gratitude San Xuan, but also in love with San Xuan, no longer refuse, then live down.San Xuan meal every day until you hear the maid talking, San Xuan San Xuan uncle came home, she saw a girl living here.He thought a long while spoke up: mysterious nephew!I’m getting old, how much time you can stop.This girl has been in our family lived for several days, in addition to the one hand, I think there’s nothing wrong, you should be worthy of the people, just the two of you married, right!This goes to say in the Wang Sanxuan and Magnolia’s mind, they will naturally want to, you picked a good day, happily became close.Get married soon, Wang Sanxuan went to Beijing exam.After a few months, finally he looked forward to good news story of high school champion Wang Sanxuan.San Xuan uncle can not know the words, holding a news story looked a long time did not understand, ask the school to read a news story Mr..Mr. private school read the news story text, see the news story below the line of small print, I looked up and asked: Wang master, these do not read the small print it?San Xuan uncle one is not happy: all good news story, not read how it lines?Mr. school had read: champion Lang to succeed, but there is not a single hand of his wife, on behalf of your uncle turned down this marriage!Uncle shocked to hear this thing be how to bring it to Magnolia?This thing does not have to mention it to mention.San Xuan find Magnolia’s uncle, bite the bullet and spoke out: his sister-in-law, you’re a good girl, is San Xuan apologies to you ah!Because you have only one hand, and San Xuan is not a good fit, San Xuan letter to let you leave him.I mean, you can not divorce from home, do my dry daughter, later find a good home!Magnolia listening to a surge up the ups and downs, tears came down shabu.San Xuan she forget about their saving grace, and now he won the champion, since Hugh put forward their own, must not let him embarrass!After dark, Magnolia was carrying a small bundle, quietly leave home.Lang champion homecoming, the people of every village along the road to the village to meet.When that day, Wang Sanxuan champion wearing bright clothes, riding a tall horse, came to a village, suddenly I found the crowd a figure child seems to be his wife.In fact, this is the runaway Magnolia.At this time, Magnolia also found her husband and saw her, for fear of any accident, turned and slipped away.When Wang Sanxuan then set seeing that familiar figure disappeared.Wang Sanxuan back Liuhe village, the villagers solemnly greeted him, a large banquet to celebrate.Wang Sanxuan left to wait, how do you see his wife Magnolia?He pulled uncle asked a question, his uncle did not understand: not what you sent word to let you divorced Magnolia?All you mean to do.Wang Sanxuan hear confused: how is there such a good news story?Uncle replied: Good news is good news, the good news reported below as well as herringbone!Wang Sanxuan let Uncle good news story out fast and stared at the line of small print, Wang Sanxuan know was rigged.Wait until the feast to celebrate a casual, Wang Sanxuan immediately ordered the local magistrate, sent to deliver the good news story of the runners got, the small print on the good news story questioning how it was child.That a runners anxious suddenly think: send good news story that day, he was a tavern at the roadside had dinner, the treasurer said the pub had sent the champion good news story thing, that the treasurer personally come up with good food wine tavern to and to drink their own, and later, he drunk, woke up after the good news to the king and other classic home.Wang Sanxuan with a group of runners came to the magistrate and so that pub.This investigation does not matter, the pub was actually Magnolia stepmother and his paramour open.Wang Sanxuan looking at men and women, neither hard nor soft ground had said: I am a new division champion Wang Sanxuan, you guys Why would Guanci drunk, tampered with court news story?Now witnesses and evidence are there, say the truth it!It turned out that men and women after learning that her husband magnolia in the champion, he did not worry about the good fruit to eat, to send good news story put runners drunk, add line in small print at the bottom of the news story, let Wang Sanxuan divorced Magnolia, did not think so soon became public.Wang Sanxuan hear gas is not one to play, the crime of murder and misled his majesty of human life, sentenced to death for adultery.Wang Sanxuan lead a group of runners, carrying Coronet, Xia Pei and his wife of eight Dajiao champion, he found shelter in the village of Magnolia.Magnolia saw, bittersweet, Wang Sanxuan sedan chair to let her go home, but she refused.Wang Sanxuan urge again and again, a reminder of the urgency, this magnolia stammered: husband, undefined status only one hand, how you serve it in the future!You will still be wrong, leave me a!Wang Sanxuan said emotionally: upon my honor, I forgot what Wang Sanxuan, we can not forget the hair of taking the wife, if you do not go, I’ll give you kneel down!This magnolia grooming dressed, got eight Dajiao.