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Tall mountain by the sea, sea Tuo Tuo, two and three sea sea Tuo Tuo composition.Three sea Tuo, Tuo Tuo King, King King is a treasure, baby say.  Sea Tuo Temple leek long thirty forty Temple ginger, hidden more than nine pot along the bare, bare Jue nine gold loop.Two students with fresh sea Tuo blue eyed grass, the deer came to the old man celebrating his birthday meal each year.  Miller says that three sea Tuo More surprisingly, it has the right slope block square table-like stone chessboard, stood stone chessboard large sized stone pieces, chess can only walk, can not be removed away.The legendary Kuangyin Taibaijinxing here and played chess, shed “a lose lose two Huashan loose” [rainy season, enjoy love stories net] story.  Legend Kuangyin was a chess enthusiast, he came here to conquer the world at the time, saw two white-bearded old man Duiyi on the hillside, and it stood at the side of Guan Qiao, I watched, it felt like a cat scratch uncomfortable, could not help but toot yell: “horse stepped on car!The pawn across the river!”The brain door old man turned him:” The elegant proficient in chess, why not kill a plate?”Kuangyin this sentence anxious, then unceremoniously brain door for the old man, and another old man to sit down to winning or losing a fight.Opposite the old man see him Baiqi, Puchi smile: “Wait a minute, we have to bet on what the two men play chess.”That being touched Kuangyin thought he was a ghost Shuaqian origin, regardless of the dice, betting or playing chess, no less than the big bet is not enjoyable.Then he looked up and asked: “What bet?”The old man smiled and said:” You win, I’ll give you the stick was, it can help you conquer eighteen states.”” what?”Kuangyin surprised, met an expert to know, quickly asked the old man:” If you win it?This Katayama field trees, local administrative officials shall never be felled.”” it is good!Then do it.”Kuangyin does not seem to sit on the bench, but sitting on a pier in Kowloon.  Speak good conditions, under a king up one cent.Kuangyin go pricey beginning, to the later can not, the pieces to be eaten one by one, and finally lost a game.At the beginning of chess, surrounded by a green vegetation.After the move is finished, the mountain yellow, foot thick layer of fallen leaves.He asked the old man what two immortal, replied Taibaijinxing and longevity are also.Kuangyin Immortals please tell him how future.Venus Nianzhao beard and said: “a lose lose two Huashan pine, Nagato decline of two liters, mud horse laden with injury Long run, pigs under their cattle to the final fate.”Kuangyin thought for a while.Only clear some time ago and lost chess fight Chen Huashan, Songshan now lost, the remaining three will figure out a.In fact, a few Taibaijinxing This summarizes the entire Song, Kuangyin accession to the throne after the death of his younger brother, mud Madu Kang Wang, Yi Chou to seeing in the Song perish.