A value higher than $ 35 billion of choice

A value higher than $ 35 billion choose 1976, Apple set up.In mid-1977, Apple set up only a year, one of three founders of Apple Wayne announced its withdrawal the company, sold his stake in the company..At that time, Apple’s annual sales of only 17.$ 40,000.    Meanwhile, another Apple co-founder Steve Jobs returned to the company repeatedly invited Wayne, Wayne were politely refuse.    Time flies, today, 36 years later, Apple’s market capitalization reached $ 350 billion magically.Someone did estimate that if Wayne did not sell shares in the year, Apple did not quit, and now, he will be worth $ 35 billion, to become a super-rich.Because he can then choose to make him pass the wealthy, reduced to a plain, ordinary people.    Some curious reporter, interviewed Wayne, said he had a wrong choice, so that his life lost $ 35 billion.It seems the reporter, Wayne will regret his original choice.And Wayne replied that he had made the right choice, he never regretted this, he lost only $ 3.5 billion fortune, but he got was priceless health and life.Wayne explained that if he had not chosen to leave Apple, perhaps he would not be dead, because Steve Jobs is a workaholic, then Wayne has entered middle age, much larger than Steve Jobs on age, physical strength and energy not as good as Steve Jobs on the big workload super strength would have tortured him devastated, or even lost their lives.    Health is priceless, life is priceless, who said Wayne choice is not the right choice, not a value higher than $ 35 billion choose it?