A walking bed

When the famous theater director Stan Lai, Taiwan in mid-1978 to the University of California, Berkeley, read theater arts teacher and other students told him, do art, you should speak creative.But what is creativity?Lai did not always understand, until one day he saw a walking bed.It was the day after Stan had just come in Berkeley.That morning, after Lai finished the last lesson, ready to go out of the classroom to another classroom on the second class.Many people on the corridor, Lai casual glance at, was surprised to see a slowly moving bed in the hallway!This in the end is how one thing?Curious Lai could not help but read two.The bed is actually a no wheelchairs limbs.Several switch, there is a mirror wheelchair.At the moment, that was lying on the disabled wheelchair, while observing the rearview mirror, the side with the mouth a few control switch, so that a wheelchair.His side no assistants, no one around to help him classmate.Stan can not help but sigh: a man without limbs can actually get an education here, Berkeley is really a caring, great school!He was going to take the number one stepped forward, but was stopped by a student dormitory of the same: if you help him, he will be angry.why?Stan bewildered.Students asked: If he asks you, ‘Why did you help me’, how would you answer?Lai said: I would certainly say, ‘because you have a disability’ ah.wrong!Students deny Road.After that, he explained to Stan Berkeley a special style: the city expressly provides: 1.Every street and sidewalk construction next door steps must build a ramp to facilitate wheelchair access to people with disabilities; 2.Not discriminate against persons with disabilities, or face serious fines.In fact, the purpose of these regulations the government to do only one, no matter what the disabled person is missing, they enjoy the same rights and obligations.Just like students who, although he did not limbs, but he is still a person, the same equal opportunity to education.Stan realized that he goes walking from the bed to see at first sight, my mind is always printed with disabilities only two words, but ignored the bed first and foremost a man.He also finally understand the true greatness lies in Berkeley gave equal educational opportunities for all, rather than charity opportunities for people with disabilities.Similarly, the teacher said the idea of the word, Lai has just know in my heart thinking about this concept, not to dig its true meaning.Recognizing these later, Lai cherish the opportunity to learn in Berkeley.In 1983, 29-year-old Lai returned to Taiwan.At this time, the biggest problem he faces is this: What I want to teach students?Shakespeare it?No, I do not take the others down the road, I want to open up a road I do not understand, that is their own creative drama.Lai said to myself.So, he and his students began to experiment, to create the first work, “This is how we grew up.”.In this works, Lai let the students themselves play yourself, explain upbringing in a number of key experience.January 10, 1984, in a makeshift auditorium of Taipei Theater, staged the teacher just returned from abroad small works.But it is this insignificant little work, attracted to watch Edward Yang, Hou Hsiao-hsien and other famous directors.To see the students performance was so natural, directors are surprised to Stan dull but good ideas.After thing can be imagined, the biggest names in directors who have an olive branch to Stan blows.In this way, Stan Lai and director who began a collaboration, and these, to let his creativity is unlimited eruption.Today, Lai said he still goes walking success thanks bed: is the bed, so I understand the idea is to get rid of the concept inherent in.At first, I do all the research side of it is, he has also let go of all concepts, it ushered in a truly creative.