A way for children to stay in school

While most parents are aware, children to school every day, children will be deprived of free space and the ability to live independently.However, there are parents who can safely allow their children, carrying a bag through the busy street to go to school alone it?  We are a small bag carrying the seventies, and then embark on a sand road more than a kilometer to go to school in a group of children.At that time our parents might not worried, perhaps then only under conditions so.Although it was a fairly prosperous county roads, but in a few years in elementary school, our children from a six-year-old, has been walked, I went to a small teenager about eleven.At that time, we all came to be so ah!Although many of the surrounding certainly hidden potential danger, but we do not fear nor worry Institute.  Later, my two children the same way with our footprints, he embarked on a road from home to school.But, the original piece of county roads covered with sand, to that time they have become black cement road.The original road on both sides of the tall eucalyptus, to that time they have all been chopped down.Two children from six or seven to start, has come about eleven, they are not afraid!But now think of it, it makes me fearful.  Yes, I began to learn worry!Although now I do not have school-age children need to go to school, but I believe: the future I certainly will not let his grandson walk way to school!Not just me, we have begun to worry about and put into action, people aware so that children can walk to school, it is too unsafe!  Do not know from what age, parents began spontaneously children to go to school.But I am convinced that on a county road from my home to school for decades is still the same one kilometer.It slowly, the yellow sand from the original path, into asphalt road; then the asphalt road, the road becomes cement.During this period, the trees gone, the car more, her children, and we are old, too old to learn to worry about those kids from school.  Although we would like to give the child an independent, free space, but society has not allowed a!Even our home, in the school side of the road.We will always remember, do not know the day, the children will be under our noses, people taken away!And we will be more aware, even if the adults carefully walking on the road, we can not guarantee that no one will open on a car, catch up with you in the ass.  According to Department of Transportation 2012 data show that: China has more than 1 year.850,000 children under the age of 14 died in traffic accidents, an average of every six minutes a child dies of accident.Child mortality rate due to traffic accidents in Europe 2.5 times, the United States 2.6 times.This does not include accidental injury and other trafficked digital!  Yes, more people and more cars, more traffickers have heard!Talks about the children born less!The Government is also not let raw, even for the living, no one would like a potato on a long list of students.Society is changing people in changing lives change: even if there is no family planning, young people today do not want too many children.So we worry about in this world, can not leave the road a school for the children it?We say that the child spoiled, but if not, we can let go the heart of it which parents?Even if there are school bus, that irresponsible driver, the vehicle will still give kids ruined!So, unless you personally pick, or who can safely allow their children to walk alone in the street it?It’s you?It’s him?I still do?  Guardianship is a growing need.If our society, if our nation if our people can truly love our children, we should fix a walk so that children can go to school in their own way – one from every family, every school a road ; a real love of the road.