Things era software will "eat" SIM card Softbank development platform can be remotely programmed eSIM

Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank Softbank recently announced that it is developing an embedded SIM card platform for the emerging market。 With the Internet of Things and mobile terminal device fragmentation and "software eats the world," the arrival of the trend, the embedded SIM (SIM smart card, without requiring the user to complete the replacement of SIM operators for numbers and other operations) is accelerating the arrival of the era, the traditional SIM card hardware, software and services will also be eaten。
Mobile World Congress last year, Samsung released the first wearable device is equipped with an embedded smart watch eSIM card –GearS2classic3G。 Currently on an embedded SIM smart card technology industry has many different names, such as "virtual SIM card", "Embedded SIM card (the eSIM)", etc.。
Compared to traditional require users to manually replace the SIM card, remote programming of eSIM technical support, which means that when users change carriers, you can completely bypass the SIM physical link。 Advantage of eSIM card a lot, for example, after the abolition of the SIM card slot assembly, cell phone or mobile device may be designed to be more compact, and more energy-saving, but also multi-use device with a SIM card, such as smart phones, tablet computers, smart phones and cars can use the same card number and packages。 There are many companies in the industry has a long-eSIM field work, such as Apple's iPad devices has launched a similar technology, but when Apple still uses a SIM card is a removable component。 ESIM applications in the commercial sector has a history。
2016 is a milestone in the technological development of eSIM, GSMA wireless standards organization launched a new eSIM cards available for specification of the wearable device and tablet。
eSIM new specification represented GSMA chief technology officer AlexSinclair will give the consumer great freedom and flexibility, for example, consumers can always add or remove a device to a mobile device network。
Softbank reached the eSIM market is not surprising, eSIM card technology products currently being sold Softbank such as networked robots and autonomous vehicles are on the technical equipment there is an urgent demand。 It is reported that Softbank's eSIM platform will start sometime this year, and become an important part of global strategic layout of Softbank, because of eSIM promotion means that Softbank will no longer need to provide specialized hardware for overseas SIM different operators, while Softbank global customers will be able to program the remote control SIM card service for local things and products。