Bring a bouquet of lavender

Mid-summer 1957, American youth in his hometown of Warren founded an investment company.Due to limited funds he raised, barely able to maintain business.    Soon, I heard Warren Davis pen urologists want to invest spare cash, have been looking for a suitable financial manager, so he quickly put down the job, rush to find Davis on cooperation.    Davis came home, only to find where Warren has gathered more than a dozen professional money managers.It turned cautious Davis worried about their investments lose money, once they got a number of managers at the same time talk about cooperation.    Finally turn Warren, Davis glanced at him, put it bluntly: Gosh, you look only 18 years old, doing this for many years?    Warren shyly A: I’m really new, but if you are willing to give the money to take care of me, I will earn 75% of the profits are distributed to your.    Davis laughed, thinking this dividend feel great, this person may be able to make money with it childish?He stall said: Let me think again.    Warren lost ground to go out.Then he noticed there was a woman sitting in the living room reading a book, they take the initiative to go on strike.Warren learned that she called the West more than a dream, like most Lavender The next day, Warren and other money managers, like Davis came home early to talk about cooperation again.In the waiting time, he was particularly to the West more than a dream send a bouquet of fresh lavender.West grateful to say more than a dream: you can really determined young man!    After that, Davis has not determined which give the money to take care of people, Warren and other money managers have to come every day to talk about cooperation, but nobody would talk to.    In addition to Warren with everyone else to talk about cooperation, but every day in advance ready to send a bouquet of lavender dreams west, chatted with her a few words.    This went on for two weeks, working with Warren that day to discuss the Davis, West dreams suddenly came in, holding the hands of that bunch of lavender, and said loudly: Davis, I like all aspects of this young man you give the money to take care of him to be sure!    Davis thought as usual, after a long time and finally said: I was thinking exactly the same with you.    In this way, Warren Davis got $ 100,000 investment.He used the money to stocks, a lot of money, fame soon spread.    Warren’s full name is Warren Buffett, and now his wealth is over $ 60 billion, still did not forget the first funds raised that year’s experience: when you see managers want to get that sum of money but also on Davis when this indecision, I realized I needed to do anything more, and then I noticed more than a dream West, and more sent her a bouquet of lavender.    Sometimes success is really very simple, is that you only saw what others did not see, and did that little thing they did not do, and nothing more.