Bristol Park Wonderland Yao Zhuang Emerald – Baguio test manor landscape

– Baguio Manor in East Sichuan scenery examination largest county – Qu County north of the city near the mountains, lies an area of 1000 acres of Huizhou estate.I believe that after the inspection line, called the current China’s largest, most beautiful, most unique private estate landscape garden, she has a beautiful name “Baguio”.The bonsai collection manor countless thousands of rocks and flowers; building yard, financial landscape flower forest, pavilions, bridges lake in one.Simple and natural, crafted, momentum. Longitudinal drum foot ditch with planting fir, pine and a variety of flowers, ecological and beautiful.Man mountain road child tree grass flowers, clusters, patches, rows, a two thousands of flower, a tree, the tree the two trees thousands.Or bright red, purple or lilac, pale yellow or yellow, or green Tracy, all glamorous seductive.Some abundance and charming, without dyeing BaiJie; some of the induced pure, hither and capricious; some warm and rich, fragrance and publicity.Some, like soft silk, deep Zen; some clouds a natural, lovely.Most lovely, lakeside willow breeze, fiber sticks Smart, worth of tenderness; hillside ginkgo fall autumn gold, dark yellow everywhere with one of scenery. That is up to several kilometers between the two mountains dripping rock ditch, gully by the lord of the manor were carefully layout, showing the deployment of five, from the first “Baguio Lake”, the “Dinghuiqiao Lake” to “inspiration Cave Temple “More than 20 color pool under, at little cost, the gorgeous eye-catching, bright pearl.Mountain breeze, floral bursts, streams jubilation, water ripples, refreshing.Gully Lake Avenue on both sides of quartzite, which greatly facilitate tourists viewing.Between the lake and the lake are connected by bridges, meandering twists and turns, the lake island has a pavilion with comfortable chairs, a small interest for visitors.Aoyama clear water around the pastel, Joan Court enantiomers Cheng Yao Chi Wang.Language Yingge Yan Ming four seasons, leisure good atlas to cover the East. – Ask Yin Chuan Road 2016.12.6 Phoenix mountain grass garden House xiang1947522 @ 163.COM)