UK Lottery online shopping because the couple failed to miss 3500 pounds Awards | Lottery | Alipay | online shopping

  British 55-year-old and 60-year-old Na Wen DavidNylan after the discovery of "buy in" of the six groups lotto winning numbers overjoyed, but when they asked the British National Lottery operator Camelot lottery cash, but was told they did not deal recording。 Edwina said they've been playing the lottery for many years, but the first time to buy online。
No. 23 December, when Na Wen try online purchase 2 pounds of lottery, but the lack of display account balances, to buy such a set of numbers after she recharge: 01-02-04-19-2841。
Edwina expressed Web has certified her purchase, but Camelot has said that without her payment record。   A spokesman from Camelot, said: "This is indeed the name of the customer in the No. 23 19:00 has repeatedly tried to buy lottery tickets, but her account balance is insufficient, so the purchase does not succeed, we have not seen any of her top record。
"The couple said, was seeking only to recharge did not notice that you want to register, they had also received an e-mail confirming the purchase, but close to Christmas so forget to check confirmed。
Subsequently spokesman added that customers purchase only the success of the lottery to participate。