Broken Arrow: do not believe their will, never be a general

Spring and Autumn Period, a father and his son set off fighting a war.His father has done a general, his son was just a pawn.Another burst of horn sounded, the drums thunder, the father solemnly hold up a quiver, an arrow sticking out of them.Father solemnly said to his son: This is the home passage Po arrows, equipped with side, infinite power, but can not come out.  It is an extremely delicate quiver, thick leather chipped, copper trimmed edges faint floodlight, look at the arrow tail exposed.I can tell in a second that it is made of first rate peacock feather.Son very happy, greedy presumably shaft appearance, arrows, ear arrows whizzing sound as if passing the enemy’s coach crashed off a horse and shoot.  Sure enough, his son with an arrow with a treasure of gallantry, invincible.When the horn sounded withdraw troops Ming Jin, the son could not help but the pride victorious completely abandoned his father’s exhortations, and a strong desire to drive a call soon to pull out his treasure arrows, trying to see what happens.Suddenly he was shocked.  A Broken Arrow, quiver filled with a broken arrow.  I always rip the Broken Arrow only fight it!Son suffered a scare, as if a sudden loss of pillar of the house, crashing the will collapse the.  The results speak for themselves, the son died in creating chaos among.  Fukai misty smoke, the father picked up the tools and try to Broken Arrow, heavy spit Road: do not believe their will, never be a general.  The victory or defeat lies on a treasure arrows, how stupid, and when a person’s core and handle life to others, and how dangerous!For example, children who place their hopes in; to happiness lies in the husband’s body; to living their faith in the unit who revelation: he is an arrow, to its tough, to its sharp, shoot with great precision to it, crack shot, sharpen it , it can only save their own.