Broken Arrow warm a lonely youth

The first university in the winter, I sat on a campus bench, reading a book.Someone came, was a boy, he said: windy, you wear so little it is not cold?  He was wearing a nice jacket, he wore one pair of gloves, very delicate, he still has a pretty face.  I did not answer, he and I, from the dress has divided the class, he came to study, but I come to fight future.  He did not leave, he introduced himself, he was a junior Weidong.  It was the first time I saw him, no ripples, no heart, I’m not cold, just not afraid of a long period of loneliness.  The department’s New Year’s party, the most flamboyant Weidong is chaired.Warm atmosphere, listen to me next to the girls said: Weidong really cool, especially the pair of cool black gloves.Leather should be it, I heard he was very rich family.  Weidong stage radiant, bright people blinded.I quietly exit, playground lighting is shining billboards, the center is the department scholarship champion standings, there are cool smile Weidong, ubiquitous Weidong.  I think, regardless of boys and girls are hoping it is Weidong, rich, handsome, endowed with both.  Sunday’s library, he saw Weidong.His book off the floor, I helped him pick it up and saw his black gloves, I say: Wear gloves look good, but not flexible, not open book.  He looks very plain, he replied: I know.He left holding the book.It looks like good things, like the other girls, like, pay attention to his handsome face, his smile, the temptation heartthrob.  God gave him too much.  So in an essay to the magazine’s vote, I have not signed, written a little lonely mind.I said, has been said to God who are not too much, but I see another one of the lucky ones.I stood on my own fool Pier.  I did not think, he came to me, come to me Weidong.He said: You should not be so pessimistic.  He assured me that the author is writing.  I said no, he said.He stared into my eyes, I was flustered, want to escape, I hate him, so he forced me what.  He sighed a long while: You really like me.But I want you to know that God really does not give a person too.  He slowly pulled off his right hand a black glove on his right, actually only one thumb!  He said: Now you know why I wear gloves, ten years ago, my four fingers crushed by life and life.When not broken, they are slender, delicate, but they are broken, broken fine will follow.I have thought about death.  He spoke calmly, I could hear tears.I said: No, they are still fine, in my heart, always.  Weidong wipe the tears on my face, with his remaining right hand finger.He said: You know, for the first time to see Yang Guo broken arm, I think I like him, was a crippled.  His voice was flat and sad.I said: I am willing to be that person.Weidong said no, he would drag me.I said how could it, so he was able.  Weidong looked at me, eyes lovingly: You do not understand, how to understand it?I think of you every night, but you can not tell.My right hand is equal to scrap it, fingering the practice machine I can not, can not be a carry four bottles of water, wear gloves, I sometimes hold on to too much stuff.  He laughed, he said: really funny, Cupid’s arrow hit me a look, but it is a broken arrow.  I said, I want to be with him.  He graduated as incomplete finger, he could not find work.I love him and told my sister, my sister said: If he just Weidong, I sympathize with him, if he wants to be my brother, I am against.  I can no longer suffer, Weidong and sister, told me.  I do not want to see you suffering, the pain of choice.And before you as my finger and I quarrel, I choose to let go.Weidong goodbye on the phone.  Since then, he completely disappeared from my life.  And Weidong together, everyone, including himself have definitely I would regret it, because he was just a Broken Arrow.  I did not understand to this day I graduated, I was only in my heart With gratitude I can not face my selfishness, I can only thank this life, tearful thank him.Broken Arrow is a vertical, but also warm the lonely youth.From the beginning, I was not destined to return.