Broken dreams with green case

Song Paul first year, the Jingling magistrate WAN Yi to the survey just a detective, go home.Line to the north of the ancient caldron Dibian Jingling, after a sudden whirlwind, appeared in front of a beautiful woman, about seventeen or eighteen age, was born lilies and roses, eye candy.She went WAN Yi into him, shouting: classic, innocent ah knelt on the ground, broke down in tears.  WAN Yi into a busy and asked: girl, what grievances to speak quickly, the county set for you to decide!  WAN Yi into even asked a few times, but did not want the woman for a long time without a word.Finally, the woman was asked anxiously, she had looked up.WAN Yi to take a closer look, surprised to find the woman of bleeding mouth with grass, hideous face of terror.WAN Yi awakened to what turned out to be Nankeyimeng.He Mangming stopped the car, looked down and saw the road not far from the seat abandoned brick kiln, so went with a crowd.Kiln stench was almost unbearable, masonry rubble thrown all over the place, cracks between the blocks covered with weeds.There Zhuandui see a very suspicious, Wan Yi to Mangming runners will Zhuandui clawed, which immediately reveal a rotten bones.From the physical point of view fineness skeleton, a woman, was dead at least six months.Recall that just dream woman innocence thing, Wan Yi to think: This is definitely the bones of the murdered woman and because innocent people to leave before they stopped the car innocence.So who the murderer is it?  Back to the hall, and just came to Jingzhou prefect Chen adults Jingling, Wan Yi put into carrion case Poyao in adult and report it to the prefect a lot.Chen adults have just received a case, there Jiangling members outside the small, angry with his daughter because the family escaped, possibly to her aunt’s house came Jingling.But Ding members outside the police to Jingling her aunt’s house to a question, said she seen here.Ding also sent members outside looking around, but no one is living with her daughter, dead but not dead.This time outside the small staff with a panic, thinking that the daughter must have been harmed, they reported the matter to the Magistrate Office, prefect Chen adults for that matter what comes.Since Wan magistrate found the bones of a woman in Poyao, maybe that is outside the small bones of her staff is also unknown.Prefect of adults WAN Yi limited to within one month must seize the murderer, otherwise, will be dismissed and punished.However, the case without a clue, nor clues, want to break the case, easier said than done!WAN Yi can not think of a better way to be, according to the case only dream of, recite the mouth repeatedly said: a woman, mouth with grass, suddenly shouted to redress the grievances, his eyes light up: Could it be called a murderer with green?  By now, only a dead horse as a live horse medicine.WAN Yi Qi Mangjiang to call all over the head, and said: that killings, the perpetrators of the ancient caldron embankment occurred called ‘containing green’, limit you to justice the perpetrators sure to within 20 days.If twenty days before the perpetrators could not pay, the officer was dismissed and punished, have to cut off your head, get it?  Unconsciously twenty days period is up, the capture of the perpetrators with green thing, but to no avail, Qi are anxious to become the first cat on hot bricks.He then I thought: maybe the world is simply not the man with green, must master is desperate prefect adults, they again forced to follow suit when following these poor.Worth mentioning, murder but the first point, the knife only large-sized scar.How can I Qimou generation is afraid to die?But before the road, also do Gebao dead ghost.If they had not find the perpetrators, he simply is not checked, I decided to cut a pound of meat, eat well on the road.He took a few pence, to come flesh meat case.That flesh of man about forty years old age, bearded face, it’s big and tall, looking down like a butcher Lao Bashi.Sarkozy will head all the money to fling on the case, and exclaimed: cut a pound of flesh!  That guy shot is the knife, cut off a piece of meat come straight yo, do not say, readily throw together all heads.Qi Dian Ledian all the meat head, and said: You did not even say that it has a pound of it?  Man very confident to say: I do not have flesh Han Qing, said knife is a pound!  Qi first saw that he knew it all taken aback: There really were people with their green!Scared of being wrong, and he asked loudly: What’s your name?  Man said: not renamed in down, never change, surnamed Han Qing’s name is!  There is a saying beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort.Sarkozy are head and said: This is what you are looking for the head ‘with green’!Right now there are piles detective and you, please head over to this are born Yamen!  Although the man was confused puzzled, but they head adults made a case, do not dare?A partner had the meat case things entrusted to look after next, together with the head are gone.  WAN Yi Han Qing to hear the perpetrators have been brought to justice, not feel overjoyed, hastened shengtang.WAN Yi to direct a film gavel, shouted sternly: bold Han Qing, you will speed things truthfully killing people provoke!  Han Qing said: adults, have you ever made a mistake?But the next law-abiding people, adults say next kill, we talk about?  WAN Yi Cheng said: you killed, the corpse hidden in a brick kiln near the ancient caldron waste embankment, want to deny?It seems you are not moving Oibara refused confession.Come, Oibara serve!  Instant runners who threw out the instruments of torture, Shangxing immediately.Just listen to scream, Han Qing about fainted.WAN Yi reinstated people poured wake up with cold water and continue Shangxing, Han Qing was beaten black and blue, refused to confess.And no evidence, Wan Yi to feel helpless.At this point, I was in the girl dreamed of ancient caldron embankment suddenly appeared in the lobby.Woman said: small woman did not know that fellow would credentials every means to deny, especially came to help adults ad litem.When the victim was a small woman, carry a pair of jade bracelets, a piece of jade, was snatched give all fellow, now buried in his backyard adults to continue sitting a plum tree, a small woman and go!  WAN Yi into a trance wake up, the original is a dream.Recall that dream scenario, Wan Yi into the heart with the end, will not help a gavel shot, snapped shouted: It seems that you are the sight of coffins were moved to tears.Come, we will charge up to his home Zhesi!  Another moment, Han Qing has come home.WAN Yi into his backyard to look, and sure enough there are trees plum tree.WAN Yi reinstated dug down from the side of the tree, quickly dug a cloth to oil.WAN Yi to open the cloth, which appeared once one pair and a piece of jade bracelet.WAN Yi into a handheld jade bracelet and a pair Han Qing shouted: Today evidence, are there any words you?  To this point, Han Qing had just put that out through the merits.Had a night six months ago, Han Qing Tao Zhang came back to the country, he met a girl on the way.This middle-aged widowed Han Qing, see the girl when young, he’s surface, such as jade, lovely, and then from the desire of ill, went under the guise of asking for directions, suddenly he hugged the girl, she was held hostage to the waste kiln nearby.Girl desperate resistance, persevering, Han Qing was born butcher, strong as an ox, will soon be wrestled to the girl in the rubble masonry, dress ripped, torn in every possible way.Later, the girl crying and said she knew him, today than some official newspaper.Han Qing listened to fear, see no one around, so for a penny, in for a pound, came a murdered.After he strangled the girl, remove her bracelet and jade, then the corpse covered with rubble masonry.His guilty conscience, see Poyao not far from the old trees, then he said: trees trees ah, this thing that only you know, do not tell anyone ah!  Trees do not want to suddenly humming sound, actually spoke: the matter of days to know to know you know I know.As long as you do not say, I would never say out of Han Qing terrified, suddenly the Baotoushucuan.  Unconsciously past six months, Han Qing, something that will not be the.I did not realize Justice has long arms, and finally himself called out their names, let Wan magistrate break this from Jian Shaan.  Ding outer member and a jade bracelet see, immediately said: This is my daughter personal things they burst into tears, and then the bones in the shade Poyao Zhuanglian shipped back home for burial ground.  Shortly after the batch of instruments cut down, the officials will behead Han Qing surgery, and the sinking of the head to the mound pay homage to the small girl.Wan magistrate dream story breaking with Green case in this area will spread the.